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Enterprise Risk Management, Business Consulting Services, ERM, Balancing Risk and Profitability, ORM

Discover Where Bernie Madoff Is Lurking In Your Business! What Bernie Madoff did to innocent investors was criminal. What your audience is doing to themselves is unconscionable.

Insider Gary Patterson challenges C-level executives to expose their books, reveal their true company financial health, and avoid disaster, with seven secrets!

While the creative financing elephant has arrived - courtesy of Toyota, Lehman, Goldman, Greece, Madoff, and others - what is most disturbing is that executives are using "cooked numbers" to make critical decisions. Not only are executives making bad decisions, costing $300,000 to $3 million or more, many executives delude themselves into thinking their balance sheets and financial statements present an actual company financial picture.

Through Gary's insight, you will command your audience's attention and deliver them from the deep and dark chasm of creative financing and Solipcism. You can love him or hate him, but one thing is sure, you can't ignore him when you want to control your financial future!

Risks are what really go wrong when you are not looking: stupid things like bounced checks, losing your best customers or best people when you are blindsided. He helps you create peripheral vision in your business so you are not blindsided. You need a perspective of business under the microscope and to have lived to tell the tale. (Audiences can expect a color commentary of insights which give a common sense approach to what people make complex, as companies grow, to solve problems easier than you think.)

Gary W. Patterson has learned one thing from analyzing and helping over 200 companies: "What You Don't Know About Your Business Can Cost You Your Business." Sticking out your balance sheet and coughing gets you what you need to know in time for needed procedures which can mean the difference between life and death, in your product, business, department, life or job.

These enterprise risk management (ERM) presentations includes stories on how a Fiscal Checkup can save your business in an interactive session where the attendees walk away with (1) strategic areas to reduce existing risk and foreseeable loss, (2) how they can increase the likelihood of achieving new revenues, and (3) includes a process where each member of the audience can start an actionable process on the highest value area the day after the speech.

Sticking out your balance sheet is no more comfortable than a visit to your doctor, but it's every bit as important. Even if it's bad news (maybe especially) you need to know.

This commonsense approach to risk management unlocks added value both identifying formerly invisible opportunities and revealing key risk areas business unwittingly takes.

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Biographical Profile

Interviewed or presented internationally to publications and groups including Entrepreneur, Glass Hammer (UK), Directors & Boards, Financial Executives Institute, Agenda and Top Producer.

Gary W. Patterson, The FiscalDoctor(R), helps control your financial destiny, and capitalize on hidden high return opportunities, while limiting exposure to risk.

  • is a Stanford MBA and Big-4 CPA
  • with 30 years' experience with service, technology and supply chain companies
  • has worked with over 200 companies
  • has written widely on risk management, corporate governance, and strategy
  • works with CEOs, board members, executive teams, private equity investors, and entrepreneurs to help them capitalize on hidden high return opportunities, while limiting exposure to risk.

Patterson is the author of Stick Out Your Balance Sheet and Cough: Best Practices for Long-Term Business Health.


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Speech Topics

Facilitate prioritization of your internal list of blind spots

Working process to jointly prioritize an internally generated listing of potentail risk or blindspots

Strategic fiscal diagnostic

Joint session to identify and uncover ten key blindspots with recomended advocates in a prioiitized summary.

Strategic Budgeting Overview and Project Management

Hands on working session to strategically review a critical project to spotlight both potential improvements, risks and tavtical solutions for immediate implementation.

Board package overview

Facilitated process to strategically and critically review the current Board of Directors reporting package for potential improvements and omissions. Improve both corporate governance, information flow and its accuracy and usability.

Roadmap to Equity Growth Exploitation

Create or update a roadmap to increase long term equity value for the organization and its primary executive or owners.

Uncover the million dollar blind spots in your ......

In this event, Patterson will help you broaden your vision and implement a strategy for effectively monitoring the many key aspects of your business. Specifically, you will walk away with:

  • A plan for focusing on the strategic areas you need to address to reduce or minimize your risks.

  • A practical, actionable process that you can implement the day after this presentation.

  • A roadmap for identifying and developing new revenue streams.

  • Two questions to improve opportunities.

  • Five of the more common Million Dollar Blind Spots.

  • Four questions to identify risks.

  • A test or 7 step process to uncover major blind spots opportunities and risks.

  • Outlook versus Resource visual snapshot.

  • Risk exposure versus Likehood of occurrence visual tool.

  • Extra resources for follow up after the course.

Many business leaders focus diligently on their company’s small, visible details only to be blindsided by the monumental and far more impactful events they didn’t see coming such as the loss of a key customer, the departure of a key employee, or a harmful assault by a close competitor. Yes, the details are important, but leadership and vision are imperative to fostering continued growth and prosperity.

Successful business leaders periodically examine and evaluate many aspects of their businesses, including employee morale and development; product and service quality; growth, profit margins and profitability; marketing and advertising; customer development and retention; data analysis and financial reporting; budgeting and cash flow forecasting; inventory management and supply chain automation; vision and forward thinking; and so on.

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