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Author, Journalist and Freelance Writer Known for "Business Without the Bullsh*t"

Geoffrey James is the author of nine books, including the widely-praised "Business Wisdom of the Electronic Elite" (which was translated into seven languages and won three book club awards) and the classic book of computer humor, "The Tao of Programming."

Since 2007, Geoffrey has written a daily blog about sales, marketing and success that has appeared on BNET, CBSi and currently on His blog has won two prestigious journalism awards and regularly receives over 1 million pageviews a month.

Prior to this, Geoffrey wrote articles for magazines like Upside, Computerworld, Wired and Red Herring and was an industry analyst, marketing manager and system architect inside several high tech firms.

Geoffrey’s most recent book, "Business Without the Bullsh*t," a collection of secrets and shortcuts to help workers and line managers achieve success and career security, despite the general insanity of corporate life.


Speech Topics

How to Be Happier at Work

Most speakers take a 60,000 foot view of the business world, explaining how to make companies nimble, encourage better work/life balance, create a better culture and so forth. Unfortunately, these "big picture" views always prescribe strategies that would take years to implement, if they ever get implemented at all. In this speech I take a 6 foot, eye-to-eye view of the business world. Geoffrey explains how you--yes, you--can get more enjoyment out of your current job. This isn't rose-colored motivational fluff but the practical application of neuroscience to overcome frustration and embrace the joy of your work, starting right now.

Intended audience: general business professionals

How to Sell When You Hate Selling

Even though they know it's essential to the growth of their practice, many professionals find it difficult to sell. This hour-long program identifies the reasons behind that reluctance, helps professionals overcome it and simplifies selling into an integral and positive element within the client relationship. Intended audience: doctors, lawyers, optometrists, audiologists, etc.

12 Difficult Coworkers (and How to Cope with Them)

Almost every workplace suffers from frustrating coworkers whose attitudes and behaviors limit their ability to contribute. This light-hearted, fast-paced, hour-long program helps you identify and understand these personality types so that you can get them out of your hair and back on track. Warning: You may recognize yourself in some of the profiles! Intended audience: general business professionals.


13 Difficult Customers & How To Deal With Them - Business Insider

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