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George-Anne is a gifted speaker and much sought-after consultant and seminar leader.

George-Anne is a gifted speaker and much sought-after consultant and seminar leader. She commands her audiences to new personal and professional heights. Her speeches on customers service, self-motivation, communication skills and business topics are authentic as a result of her own successful entrepreneurships as the CEO of three corporations. She is consistently rated excellent and exciting by convention and seminar attendees.

As an award-winning entrepreneur she has been featured in the media and on television. Judy Rosemarin of the New York Post stated George-Anne's book Will The Real Boss Please Stand Up has oodles of practical ideas to help you create your own career vigor and security.

George-Anne Fay believes in The 3 D's: Drift, Drown, or Decide! A manager's job is to help his/her people reach their potential, to set the standard, and to lay the groundwork for action and personal responsibility. If you always do what you have always done, you will only get what you have always gotten. Employees can drift along doing things the same old way. If they drift long enough, they will drown. If they drown, they will never have the opportunity to decide to do things differently.

The 3 E's: It Takes Effort, Energy, and Enthusiasm! It has been said that one person can't motivate another. Anyone who has been Gaffed knows to STOP SELLING and get people excited instead. People will motivate themselves, but only when they trust your efforts, sense you enthusiasm, and feel your energy. Instead of harboring thoughts of why can't they be like me? focus on showing people what is in it for them, too. What will be the results if they follow your lead?

The 3 R's: Building Repeat Business, Referrals and Relationships! Studies clearly point out that it costs five times as much to bring in a new customer/client, than to salvage and retain your existing client base. We all want new and exciting business, but we should also focus and generating repeat sales and the building of long-term relationships, because it is those relationships that bring in referral business. When people feel good about the people they are doing business with, referrals soar. Years ago talking about relationship selling was deemed touchy-feely. Today, it is touted as the new frontier.


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