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Gever Tulley      

Founder of the Tinkering School & Brightworks School; Author of "50 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do"

Gever Tulley is a visionary educator, author, and entrepreneur known for his innovative approach to learning and creativity. As the founder of the Tinkering School and the Brightworks School, Tulley has transformed traditional education paradigms, empowering children to explore, experiment, and discover through hands-on, project-based learning experiences.

Driven by a belief in the power of curiosity and exploration, Tulley has dedicated his career to reimagining education and inspiring a new generation of thinkers, makers, and problem-solvers. Through his pioneering work at the Tinkering School, a summer camp where children learn by building and experimenting with real tools and materials, Tulley has challenged conventional notions of learning, encouraging students to embrace failure, take risks, and unleash their creativity.

In addition to his work with the Tinkering School, Tulley is the founder of the Brightworks School, an innovative K-12 school in San Francisco that emphasizes experiential learning, interdisciplinary exploration, and real-world projects. At Brightworks, students are encouraged to pursue their passions, tackle complex challenges, and develop the skills and mindset needed to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Tulley is also a bestselling author, known for his thought-provoking books such as "50 Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do)" and "Boredom: The Secret Sauce to Creativity." Through his writing, speaking engagements, and workshops, Tulley shares his insights on creativity, education, and the importance of fostering a sense of wonder and curiosity in both children and adults.

A passionate advocate for hands-on learning and experiential education, Tulley continues to inspire educators, parents, and students around the world to embrace curiosity, take risks, and unleash their creative potential. His innovative approach to learning has had a profound impact on the field of education, challenging traditional norms and inspiring a new generation of lifelong learners.

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