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Inspirational Leader & Author of "You're My Favorite"

With over two decades of leadership experience in the corporate world, Ginny Priem is not only a dynamic and captivating motivational speaker and a #1 bestselling author, but also hosts the popular Drinking With Gin podcast, and holds a master certification in life coaching. In her #1 best selling book, "You’re My Favorite", she shares the true story of her own personal traumatic end of a romantic relationship with a shocking twist, the man she thought was living in her house turned out to not be the man she thought he was at all. This harrowing experience sent her on her own path of healing and growing.

In discovering her own path forward, she created GINpath, which is the path that she developed, tested and implemented to help others in growing through adversity. We all face tough times and have that one story, one that we may not think is big enough to share or manage through, but it's what we do with these stories that really matters. Ginny's keynotes leave audiences inspired to take the next step on their own path and overcome obstacles that come their way.

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We can’t always control what happens, but we can control how we respond. In this keynote, Ginny invites audience members to face the obstacles that come our way. With her own experiences, expertise and exceptional storytelling, she inspires people to not just get through the tough times, but to grow through what you go through, including grief. This is more than just resilience, because it’s not about bouncing back–it’s about catapulting your life forward to a better and healthier place.


In sharing Ginny's story, it has allowed others to recognize and share their own stories that they've been carrying around with them in small ways that don't allow them to overcome trauma and adversity. This keynote unlocks the power of kindness so people can overcome shame, adversity & trauma to confidently face any challenges that come their way. Ginny reveals the structure behind GINpath and how to use this 3 component process to catapult yourself forward to no longer sit along the sidelines of life.


When life hit Ginny with a pile of deception, lies and betrayal, she countered back by going on a journey of healing and growing. Through this experience, she developed a 3 component process, called GINpath. In this interactive and engaging keynote, audience members will have the opportunity to dive into each component to peel back the layers in order to better understand the adversity they’ve faced, or are facing, and be better equipped with tools to propel themselves forward and truly experience post-traumatic growth.


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