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Glenn Wagner  

FutureLead Founder & President

  1. Glenn Wagner is the founder and president of FutureLead, a catalytic ministry to mobilize, motivate and equip men to live and lead On-Mission for Christ.

Glenn has served four churches as a senior pastor and was a founding board member, Vice President and speaker for Promise Keepers during their explosive years of growth and impact. He has trained and spoken to men around the world developing explosive men’s ministries across cultures and denominations. He is a skilled and effective Men’s Ministry practitioner and pastor.

Whether speaking in a stadium of 70,000 men or in a coffee shop with a couple of guys, regardless of culture, race, age or denomination, Glenn connects. He is also a best-selling author. Several of the books he has written are: The Heart of a Godly Man, Fire In Your Bones and SOLID Marriage.

Glenn Wagner Recommendations:

I’ve known Glenn Wagner for a number of years. Not only is he a dynamic man of God, he is diversely gifted and multi-talented. His love for God and his walk with Him consume him. He lives to preach, he has incredible communication skills, and he searches God’s word and permits it to search him as well. If you want a warrior who will stand valiantly contending for the Truth, spend time with Glenn Wagner.

-Coach Bill McCartney, Founder, Promise Keepers

Glenn is not only a man of integrity, but he is gifted in bringing alive the Word of God, making it practical in the lives of believers, and helping those seeking its’ relevance.

-Gary Smalley - Best-selling Author, Speaker and Founder,Today’s Family

Glenn Wagner is one of God’s choice servants whom He is using in a magnificent way throughout the nation. His communication skills coupled with his theological astuteness combine to make a powerful resource for the church.

-Dr. Tony Evans, Author, Speaker, Senior Pastor, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship, Dallas, Texas

Glenn Wagner’s ministry is a source of joy to me, for the combined reasons of his trustworthiness of character and his deep commitment to the truth of God’s Word. Glenn’s ability to span the spectrum of the Christian Community, with distinct brotherliness and sensitivity is known to many of us who thank God for his blend of scholarly sensibility and spiritual passion. I heartily commend his ministry.

-Dr. Jack Hayford, Author, Speaker, Senior Pastor, The Church On The Way, Van Nuys, California

Glenn Wagner is a radical follower of Jesus Christ, a true believer... in a foggy world of chaos and clutter, Glenn Wagner emerges as a voice of truth and clarity. Trust Glenn to lead your men into the light of God's vibrant grace and strength. Glenn is a world-class leader who will help lift men into their destiny, equip them for a successful life and arm them for the battle. You're gonna love Glenn Wagner!

-Paul Louis Cole, President Christian Men’s Network

Glenn Wagner is a rare find as a men’s speaker and ministry trainer. He is the total package. He can inspire, strategize, and capture the momentum of his engagements with you that TURN INTO SOMETHING versus lay an egg! I can can count on one hand guys who have Glenn’s skills and breadth of experience. Unleash him on your leaders and turn him loose on your men.

-Kenny Luck, Founder Every Man Ministries and Intentional Men’s Ministry, Men’s Pastor Saddleback Church

I have seen Glenn Wagner captivate audiences as large at 60,000 and as small as those who can fit around a conference room table. He is smart, witty, and seems to “get” people of all walks and topics of all types. He is as bright as they come and his combination of intellect, instinct, and intuition is unbeatable.

-Beth Bragg The DeMoss Group

The first time I met Glenn was at a dinner table in San Diego. For about two hours my wife and I were captivated by his vision, so much so that a few weeks later we packed our bags and moved three thousand miles to work for him! My experience under him, and the lessons learned from his compelling, authentic leadership has served me well as I launched a church plant with 26 people and have seen it grow to over 1300. I can tell you that Glenn Wagner is the real deal, and his organization Future Lead will equip you with what you need to be a next level leader!

-Bryan Loritts, Lead Pastor Fellowship Memphis

Glenn Wagner is an extraordinary speaker. His real world perspective, tempered by an entrepreneurial past joined with senior management positions in a variety of organizations, make Glenn an inspiring, gifted, and exceptionally perceptive addition to your corporate and personal coaching processes. In today's world of ever-changing priorities and expectations, Glenn can provide a framework of focused techniques for honest evaluation, strategies for individual and corporate success, and extraordinary vision of what an organization can become. This guy is a valuable asset who can exponentially add to your strategies for personal and corporate development.

-Brad Skinner,CEO Transtrade

Glenn Wagner is a veteran in the struggle for the hearts and minds of men. He has consistently demonstrated that he has the instincts, training, weapons, courage and experience to lead men and leaders of men. He has first-hand knowledge of the strategy and the tactics of the Enemy. While being well-seasoned, it is my opinion that Glenn communicates in a style that is both fresh and refreshing. If you are serious about leading other men in battle, I recommend that you call on Glenn to come alongside you.

-Martin H. (Marty) Granger, President Foundation for Manhood

Glenn Wagner uses wisdom, frank delivery, honest feedback, dry wit and a great sense of humor to guide, inspire and enlighten people in a way that changes their lives. He is the leader that leaders look to when they want to move from merely effective to truly dynamic.

-Ron Hammond, Senior Vice President Operations, Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated

Is your desire to see God glorified through your Ministry to Men? Do you want to see your ministry have an eternal impact on the lives of those men God has entrusted to you? Is that not what we all want? Glenn Wagner provides a fresh, new, invigorating perspective on the strategies and dynamics needed to become the best at what we do. I highly recommend FutureLead as an effective resource to any man who wants to see their purpose and vision fulfilled to the glory of God. Don’t settle for mediocrity, go for the gusto. Let Dr. Glenn Wagner and FutureLead help you reach for the stars!

-Dr. Jim Guth, Executive Director, Florida Men of Integrity

I've known and watched Glenn Wagner for over a decade. He is a compelling, powerful and winsome communicator. I've seen leaders lives changed when exposed to Glenn's insights and persuasion. I'm a fan!

-Dr. Ron Jenson, Chairman, Future Achievement International Chairman, High/Ground

Glenn Wagner is a gifted writer, dynamic speaker and visionary leader. I have known Glenn for over fifteen years. I have sat under his teaching and benefited from his personal coaching. Glenn communicates a powerful and anointed message that resonates across all generational, ethnic and economic divides. He is a man who sought out by ministry and business leaders at all levels. He is a leader to leaders and a pastor to pastors.

-Dr. Chuck Stecker, President, A Chosen Generation and Center for InterGenerational Ministry

Glenn Wagner is one of the most Spirit-anointed preachers and leaders I know. He is one of the rare servants in Christ’s kingdom who excel at both credenda and agenda–that is, what we should know and what we should do. He is the kind of leader the church simply cannot afford not knowing. I particularly appreciate Glenn’s emphasis on purpose and passion in leadership identity. He has helped me personally to let my ministry action flow from who I am as a pastor and Christian. That is a connection that so few make in Christian leadership. In a day when we have so much being said about technique, how refreshing to hear Glenn telling us who we are! That being said, I can also tell you that there are few living communicators I know of who are more effective in the task of communication than Glenn. The words that come to my mind when I think of Glenn are ‘Truth on Fire’. Glenn has also been a model for me in ministry. Over and over through the years, I have found myself asking the question in my mind, “Now, what would Glenn say or do in this situation?” What a treasure to have Glenn’s influence stamped on my life!

-Rev. John Fanella, Pastor, Beulah Congregational Church, Great Plains Area Representative, Conservative Congregational Christian Conference

Brilliant, warm, committed, passionate, are just a few words that come to mind when I think of Glenn Wagner. In my life journey Glenn has impacted me in so many ways that thank you is not an adequate word. He is a spot on communicator, over the top teacher, and an incredible author and consultant. Above all he is a genuine example of Christ in flesh. Your life will be changed by your relationship with Glenn.

-Sam Farina MA ACC, Facilitator of ministry coaching, Church Multiplication Network

Glenn has the uncanny ability to reach people where they have their greatest need. I have personally watched him captivate an audience with simply “real talk”. A very humble individual, he possesses one of the rarest gifts on this earth; the ability to listen both functionally and critically. When combined with his frank and honest style of speaking to problems in a given situation, it allows the audience being addressed, to “see” the issues much clearer. He is a motivator, and life coach who utilizes both the natural and spiritual spheres to solve problems. I would highly recommend Glenn to speak at any event I would host.

-Gerald Hector, VP Business and Finance, Johnson C. Smith University

Dr. Glenn Wagner is not just a good communicator he is a GREAT communicator. His wit and humor coupled with his dynamic and insightful messages will warm your heart and motivate you to live life to it’s fullest. If you want to be entertained, then get another speaker. If you want your life to be transformed, get Glenn Wagner.

-Dr. Rod Cooper, Author, Speaker, Professor of Leadership, Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary


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