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Goldie Chan  

Social Media Expert, Content Creator

Goldie Chan is the producer behind the top-performing content on LinkedIn Video. Her channel, #DailyGoldie, is LinkedIn’s longest-running original daily video channel. Goldie’s videos cover everything from social media strategy and networking to pop culture and travel. She has amassed over hundreds of thousands of views and has fans from all over the globe. Goldie is a leading LinkedIn influencer and creator — there’s even a Halloween costume of her at LinkedIn’s New York office!

Additionally, Goldie spearheaded her own social media consultancy, Warm Robots, where she is the Founder & Head of Content and Creative.

Goldie is a strong believer in community and encouraging new creators, and is the brainchild behind far-reaching platform hashtag campaigns like #5Videos, #SafeSpace, #GoalsTogether. Goldie also runs the #LinkedInCreators and #WomenOnLinkedIn communities on LinkedIn.

Speech Topics


How do you build strong leadership infrastructure? By creating an atmosphere of mentorship and sponsorship. While 71% of all Fortune 500 companies have mentoring programs, only 37% of all professionals have an active mentor and 89% of those who have been mentored will go on to mentor others. By promoting internally an active mentorship and sponsorship program from top down, leaders can improve productivity, increase employee satisfaction, and set a clear reference point for tracking progress.

In this presentation, Goldie shows leaders how to invest intelligently in career development for their team members. Your organization’s leadership will be equipped with the skills to grow a thriving, supportive and cyclical environment of mentorship and sponsorship.


Growing a personal brand as a leader encourages stronger internal advocacy and also helps to promote the company as a whole. Goldie encourages leaders to develop their own brand that ties into the overarching corporate brand so both parties benefit. Research shows that brands that encourage employees to build their personal brand have nearly twice as many sales boosted by employees then brands that do not. Goldie will share actionable steps for building their brand while supporting the corporate brand message – creating a healthy ecosystem for a leader to use their brand to effectively network, encourage sales and corporate brand awareness.


Supporting and growing opportunities for women at work not only helps their teams but overall organizations. While research shows that public companies with female CEOs or CFOs were often more profitable, it is still under ten percent of all Fortune 500 companies, leaving many women without a clear top-level example to follow. By crafting dedicated opportunities, supporting internal organizations and mentorship/sponsorship programs for women, teams and companies can grow while supporting their employees. Goldie will show how to set up and nurture a successful environment for women at work that encourages career growth, feedback that is heard and greater awareness of this vital segment of the work population.


With over 500 million global users, LinkedIn is often underutilized as a brand platform and relegated to being a resume repository. 94% of all B2B marketers are influenced in their purchasing decisions by LinkedIn and with a growing creative community – it has reinvented itself as a platform to watch and utilize. In this presentation, Goldie shows audiences the most powerful ways to use LinkedIn to boost your brand using everything from written content, videos, outreach and more. Your audience will leave this presentation equipped with the tools to optimize your LinkedIn strategy to help boost engagement with this high-buying power social network.

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