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Trailblazing NBA Player; Vice President, National Basketball Players Association; Two-Time Back-to-Back SEC Player of the Year

Professional basketball player Grant Williams is a leader on and off the court, as two-time back-to-back SEC Player of the Year and Vice President of the National Basketball Players Association. He is recognized by fans of his college team as one of the best players in their history, and has been called “a true student of life and basketball” by the Boston Globe. Known for his passion for strategic thinking, Williams is a dedicated academic mentor. He graduated in just three years from the University of Tennessee with a degree in supply chain management from the University of Tennessee, one of the top public programs in the country for supply chain management. The league’s Senior VP of Player Development, Jamila Wideman, called him "an incredible storyteller" with a good sense of humor and a willingness to be vulnerable. Williams brings humor and insight to high-powered events, touching on leadership, teamwork, mental health awareness, and more.

Dubbed a “high-energy Renaissance man” in a glowing Forbes profile, he’s received accolades for his commitment to giving back to the community, a passion which is central to his purpose. Williams has leveraged his platform as an NBA rookie to make a major impact in the lives of young people, creating a group mentoring program. For his work empowering young people, he received the Bill Russell Mentoring Award. Williams will join the Dallas Mavericks in the 2023-2024 season, after playing "an integral part in deep playoff runs for the Celtics the last two seasons, including a trip to the NBA Finals in 2022" according to Forbes. Williams invigorates audiences with his sharp wit, compelling personal story, and his belief that your dreams should be central to your everyday life for maximum success.

Speech Topics

Mental Health Awareness: Don’t Go it Alone

NBA star Grant Williams is also a passionate mental health advocate, using his platform to advocate for supportive conversations. In this impactful talk, Williams shares the actionable strategies he uses in his life and work, as well as a motivational message for audiences looking to create supportive teams and workplaces.

Leading from Where You Are

Professional basketball player Grant Williams made headlines as a rookie, being called a “high-energy Renaissance man” in a glowing Forbes profile, and has made his mark as a leader in his first years in the league. As VP of the Players Association, an award-winning mentor, and finalist for the Celtics Teammate of the Year Award, Williams shares an empowering message about leading from where you are to make a major impact on your team, organization, and community.

Strategize Like a Champion

Trailblazing NBA Player Grant Williams is one to watch in the world of basketball, and a powerhouse personality in front of an audience. A relentless overachiever, Williams is the two-time SEC Player of the Year, and shares with eager audiences the strategy-based thinking he uses to dominate any problem – applicable on the court, in business, and in life – with planning, humor, and the mindset of a winner.

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