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Greg Bennick is not a run of the mill keynote speaker with an standard message cloned from a thousand other presenters. He is not a keynote speaker who lets your audience simply listen and nod along like robots. And he is not a keynote speaker who is going to embarrass you or make you look foolish in front of your boss for the choice youve made in bringing him in to speak.

Greg Bennick is, quite simply, the most dynamic keynote speaker in the nation. A passionate educator, an incredibly talented and funny entertainer, an award-winning film producer, a far reaching world traveler, and an acclaimed expert in the human experience, Greg creates a visual display of words and action every time he takes the stage. He can be the after dinner comedy act that makes the party memorable for years, or he can be the keynote speaker who drives your points home with his own unique style.

Greg will customize his presentation to your theme in order to maximize the impact of your event. As a motivational keynote speaker, Greg does more than entertain: he galvanizes and inspires. Greg speaks from experience. He has been called upon to be a guest speaker before Fortune 500 companies, major universities, and public audiences worldwide. This is outstanding corporate entertainment fueled by a strong message and geared towards your group's success.

When the Boeing Corporation rolled out their new 777 airplane in Seattle and invited over 150 journalists from around the world to cover the event, Greg Bennick was the headlining speaker at their gala dinner to celebrate their triumphs. When United Way of America needed an early morning keynote speaker for their national roundtable meeting in Los Angeles, Greg used his blend of ideas and images to inspire the audience, receiving an extended standing ovation. Bank of America called on Greg to be their motivational speaker at a series of events in every major US city from Chicago to Honolulu, each with attendees numbering in the four thousand to seven thousand range. And a eye care equipment manufacturer called on Greg for their most important presentation of the year in front of their entire client base of 3000 doctors at a major eye care convention in Florida. Out of 25 presentations onstage from competitors at that convention, Gregs keynote speech was voted the audience favorite, yielding endless praise and enormous profits for his client.

Greg Bennicks reputation as a corporate entertainer and keynote speaker is both impeccable and impressive with extensive letters of reference from satisfied clients over twenty years available for your review. As his best dates fill quickly due to high demand, we suggest that you call soon to confirm your booking. You have worked hard to plan your event. Now, make it perfect by inviting Greg Bennick as your keynote speaker and entertainer to share his perspectives, talents, ideas, and creativity with your group.

Speech Topics


Be The Change - Change is an inevitability, and as long as we are in the right mindset, we will be ready for anything and prepared to take action. As a juggler for almost thirty years, Greg is an expert at change: every ball flies in a different direction. How do we manage change? What perspectives to we need? Using laughter and entertainment as a vehicle, Greg delivers answers to these important questions in his incredible keynote.


To Listen is to Lead - We often think of leaders as having powerful voices, but the best and brightest leaders are actually the greatest listeners. We explore, through audience participation and laughter, the core concepts of being an effective listener as part of a team and how that leads to outstanding leadership. Greg's real life experience with leadership includes the World Leaders Project, an initiative Greg started that had him meeting face to face with world leaders to discuss dynamics of power, control, and effective balance. You need a speaker who talks the talk and walks the walk. And one who is funny. Greg is all of those in one.


The Foundation of Any Team - For any team to succeed, clear communication is at the core of their success. Greg brings two decades of research into communication styles along with comedy and entertainment to share insights about communicating with your group. Everyone will learn something by the end of the keynote, and everyone takes part. People who have felt disempowered will gain a greater sense of their value as individuals. And those who have disempowered them will have shifts in perspective that will bring new clarity.


The Key to Success - The success of any organization is dependent on how its people work together. In this keynote, Greg uses his proven techniques of audience participation to demonstrate how effective we can be when we work together. How can we transform being let down by others in the past to being inspired to try again in order to work together effectively?Teamwork demands vigilance, patience, commitment, and determination. Most importantly, its teamwork WITH the people we serve not in opposition to them that yields truly sustainable alliances.


A Juggling Act - Gone are the days when companies could just SELL to people and think they could get away with it, marketing anything at anytime to consumers. This is a new era. Companies need to SERVE people, and not just through lip service or adhering to some good looking cause. Through experience with direct action in the non-profit sector and as a critic of non-sustainable practices for years, Greg offers insight into how creating relationships with the people you serve, and more importantly how a sense of community on a larger scale can lead to new types of success.

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