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Greg Kolodziejzyk  

Entrepreneur, Adventurer & World Record Holder

Greg Kolodziejzyk’s mission is to conquer the world by human power.

Greg is a successful athlete, inventor, entrepreneur, millionaire and world record holder. His amazing tale of success has been built on ambitious goals, determined action, hard work and foresight. His long list of feats compelled the Discovery Channel to call him a ‘real life super-hero’.


At the age of 21, Greg spotted an opportunity in the burgeoning world of electronic publishing, and formed Image Club Inc. As a supplier of royalty-free stock images and digital typefaces to professionals who were eagerly embracing the digital age, Image Club Inc. earned a top position on the list of Canada’s 100 fastest growing companies. Shy of his 30th birthday, Greg sold his company to industry giant Adobe, and looked forward to his next endeavours. With his wife and business partner, Greg created another million-dollar business, Sharper Cards. Acquired by their biggest American competitor, Smart Health, Greg retired and set his sights on some different challenges – physical challenges.


Dreaming of setting a world record, Greg began rigorous training. Highlights of his physical accomplishments include the completion of 12 Ironman triathlons, a fourth place finish in his division at Ironman Arizona in 2006, an invitation to compete at the Ironman World Championships in Kona Hawaii, numerous 100 mile ultramarathons and 18 marathons. He continues to push the limits of his mental and physical capabilities by competing in the most physically demanding endurance events on the planet.

Greg designed and fabricated one of the fastest bicycles in the world, the Critical Power, and broke the record for distance traveled over 24-hours by human power alone. In 2006, Greg pedaled an amazing 1041 km (647 miles) in 24 hours, around a race track, claiming his first world record and a coveted position in the Guinness Book of World Records. Greg set another Guinness world record for the most distance traveled by human power in 24 hours on water in September 2008. He travelled 245.16 km (152.33 miles) around a loop course on Whitefish Lake, Montana, bettering the previous record by two miles. His next goal is to make an ocean crossing by human power in 2010, and is hoping to complete his "human power triple crown" (human powered world records on land, sea and sky) with a human powered flight record.

Greg has been featured in Popular Science Magazine, Men’s Journal, Wired magazine, National Geographic, Explore Magazine, and dozens of national and local newspapers, TV and radio shows, and online media sources.


His inspiring achievements haven’t come easy. Greg has experienced setbacks and failures, come very close, yet still fallen short. His relatable, humble and humourous presentations and are in high demand, offering audiences an entertaining, uplifting, and informative tale of one man’s journey to conquer the world by human power.


    Greg's Bold presentation is entertaining and inspiring. It's a compelling tale about achieving dreams. But most importantly, audiences see how his core principles and proven strategies for success can be emulated by anyone, whether they seek to achieve a personal, physical, or professional goal. Individuals and companies who have heard Greg speak are making great things happen. These are the six key principles covered in his 60-minute Bold motivational speech:

1) Bold: Moving outside our comfort zone doesn't have to mean flirting with disaster or dealing with unnecessary risks. Greg explains how he learned to push himself just a little harder every time he took on a challenge. He relates how envisioning big dreams fed his enthusiasm, giving him the passion, motivation, and excitement to keep going, even when success seemed unlikely. He discusses how embracing ambitious goals can make you care more and work harder than you ever thought possible.

2) Focus: You can't get where you want to go without a map. And, without a destination in mind, finding the best route is impossible. Using his many achievements as examples, Greg relates how the simple act of choosing a goal and envisioning the successful outcome helped him to stay on track and chart a path to successful outcomes.

3) Guts: Getting started is sometimes the hardest part of any venture. But without that first step into the unknown, no dream can ever be realized. Greg encourages his audiences to be brave, take a risk, and focus on that first step. Never, ever let fear of failure or fear of the unknown act as a barrier to accomplishing great things. Greg explains how he plans ahead, but stays flexible, so unforeseen changes can be incorporated into the big picture and won't prevent him from moving forward.

4) Innovation: Sometimes the obvious isn't the optimal. William Pollard said: "Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow". Greg discusses how a purposeful rejection of the 'common wisdom' can provide fresh perspectives and un-thought-of solutions. Ever TRY to be stupid? It's harder than it sounds, but Greg explains how unconventional thinking can deliver enormous results.

5) Community: Ambition, enthusiasm, and believing in yourself brings the help you need to turn dreams into reality. When you share your passion, you attract the people you need to make it happen. Greg explains how his inclusive and open approach has again and again delivered the expertise and assistance he has needed to achieve his goals, and just as importantly, enabled others to share in his success.

6) Magic: Call it what you will... The Secret, Synchronicity, Fate, or Luck, or whatever, but one thing is certain, give the universe half a chance and things have a tendency to fall into place just as you might have dreamed. It's not a process that can managed or foreseen, but setting it in motion will always require one critical factor:

    "What you can do or dream you can do, begin it, for Boldness has Genius, Power and Magic in it" Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe.


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