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Guy J Ale, Founder and President of Lifespan Seminar, is a global authority on optimizing lifespan potential.

Guy J Ale is the Founder and President of Lifespan Seminar - Lifespan Seminars explain that it is in our DNA to sense how long we can live and teach how to do this.

Mr. Ale is a global authority on optimizing lifespan potential™, and is a sought after keynote speaker, workshop leader, and coach. He is regularly invited to present his pioneering research and findings at international conferences featuring other leading scholars of consciousness, such as Deepak Chopra and Luc Montagnier, Nobel Laureate for discovering the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). View a recent presentation at Stockholm University's famed Aula Magna Hall, home of the Nobel Prize Awards in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, and Literature -

Mr. Ale holds an Honorary Doctorate from Young Scientists University “in recognition of his findings and contributions made so far to the field of human lifespan.”

The said findings and contributions are detailed in Mr. Ale’s book, “A Manual for Mastering Your Life”, which is a handy toolkit for the general audience for dealing competently with everyday situations, such as stress management, good nutrition, sufficient rest, kicking addictions, and active lifestyle.

Since 1992, Mr. Ale has devoted his attention to researching the scientific, spiritual, and behavioral aspects of the awareness that it is inherent in our genes to sense how long we can live, and the practical applications of this ability in everyday circumstances. This research has led to the development of a holistic system of body-consciousness techniques and self-management skills, which are designed to help participants to locate the perception of their optimal duration in themselves, and to give them the tools to make this potential a reality. During this period, Mr. Ale has also been a case study of this insight and it enables him to be the best version of himself at fifty-one, without the use of drugs, pills, or enhancements of any kind.

Mr. Ale is a native of the Republic of Georgia and has been a US citizen since 1996. He has lived in four countries on three continents and speaks four languages. He was born into a Jewish family, lived in a Muslim country as a child, and in predominantly Christian societies as an adult. This eclectic personal experience has given Mr. Ale the unique vision to combine the ancient wisdom of Eastern philosophies with the latest discoveries of Western-led science to establish a wellness system of mind/body/spirit which provides individuals with sensible everyday tools to optimize their lifespan potential™.

Mr. Ale is a member of International High IQ Society, and serves as a Senior Faculty Member at the Departments of Psychology at Young Scientists University, and Business School of the Americas.

Upcoming presentation:

Keynote address on Optimizing Lifespan Potential™ at the International Conference on Psychology and Allied Professions, December 2011.


"Guy is an extremely talented insightful professional who has introduced a major system to sense the lifespan potential and develop habits and patterns that would make this a reality. I found his insights shared at the World Congress in Sri Lanka in November 2010 very fascinating. I am sure his powerful presentations and skillful approach will be a benefit to many. I will be happy to see these techniques being shared with many people worldwide to help people regain a balance and live optimal lives." - Prof. Lakshman Madurasinghe, Consultant Psychologist; President, Academic Consortium of the Americas, USA; author of "Clinical Psychology", Colombo, Sri Lanka

 "Guy is a remarkable and inspiring, well, Guy! He has an extraordinary perspective on the value and potential of life, and anyone consulting with him or attending his seminars will not only be moved, but moved to take action. He is one of those rare individuals who can point out the possibilities to people that they may have never even considered. I cannot recommend his outstanding services highly enough." - David Samson, author of 21 books; owner of AdVille Agency, Los Angeles, California

Sample presentations:

  1. Faith, Focus, Fun

Faith in yourself / Focus on your dreams / Fun while you're doing the job. This motivational talk is based on Guy's personal story of coming to the US at the age of 26 without speaking any English, without a work permit, without a staying permit, and with knowing only one struggling artist in New York. It describes the challenges of living as an undocumented alien for seven years, mastering English to fluency, becoming a proud citizen, and building a successful and productive life in his new homeland. It is a moving tale of survival, strength, and self-discovery, of finding in oneself deposits of courage and wisdom which have enabled Guy since then to inspire others with this first-hand knowledge.

  1. Evolution of Consciousness / We Are the Mind of the Universe

The human brain is the most complex computational machine currently known to exist in the universe, and the human mind, housed in this brain, is the primary known conveyor of consciousness in the cosmos. The universe is coming to know itself through us, and the more we understand ourselves the more we learn about the cosmos, in a mutually dependent evolution of scientific and spiritual awareness.

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