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Hana Ben-Shabat      

Leading Authority on Generation Z; Founder of Gen Z Planet

Hana Ben-Shabat is the founder of Gen Z Planet ─ a research and advisory firm helping business leaders to prepare for the next generation of culture creators, employees and consumers. In this role, Ben-Shabat combines her passion for turning insights into growth engines with her commitment to support the integration of the next generation into business and into society in general. She is the author of the book Gen Z 360: Preparing for the Inevitable Change in Culture, Work, and Commerce.

Known for her creativity, expertise, and insights, Ben-Shabat is an award-winning management consultant who was named as one of the “Top 25 Consultants” by Consulting Magazine. She is a sought-after speaker and commentator on consumer behaviors and business trends and is being cited frequently by leading media such as The New York Times, Insider, Bloomberg, Associated Press, NPR, and CNBC.

Before founding Gen Z Planet, Ben-Shabat was a partner and board member of the global management consulting firm A.T. Kearney where she co-led the firm’s Global Consumer Institute and advised clients around the world on issues of corporate strategy and organizational effectiveness. Before that she held marketing positions at several Israeli tech companies. Ben-Shabat holds a B.A. degree in Political Science (major) and Psychology (minor) from Tel Aviv University, an M.B.A from Rotterdam School of Management, and a diploma in Corporate Finance from London Business School.

Speech Topics

Multi-Generational Workforce: Diversity's Next Frontier

As Gen Z enters the workforce, for the first time in history, we have four, sometimes five, generations working side by side – a reality that is creating a new set of challenges for business leaders. And while workplace diversity, whether in gender, race, or age, can serve companies well by allowing them to tap into a variety of perspectives, experiences, and expertise to solve problems and generate ideas, conflict can arise from generational differences in values and working styles. Left unchecked, these differences could lead to resentment, unconscious bias and stereotyping and ultimately affect employee morale and engagement and undermine productivity.

This session is focused on age diversity as a source of competitive advantage and offers the tools that companies can adopt to build bridges between generations, form high-performing multi-generational teams, and create a fair and harmonious workplace for all.

Audience members will leave with:

  • Gain insights into the challenges of age / generational diversity; their root causes and how they manifest at the workplace
  • Learn effective tools to address differences in values and workplace

The Creator Economy and the Workplace

Generation Z, the true digital natives, are showing us every day how they use the power of technology to form movements, build micro businesses, and exert influence. In the process they have given us the “creator economy”, a new career model that is built on content creation and sharing. Yet, despite of the online chatter and the big headlines, we fail to discuss the effects of the "creator economy” on the workplace. With 30% of our youth want to be "creators", it is easy to imagine the negative effects and challenges for talent pipelines and retention. But what if the opportunity is greater than the threat?

This thought-provoking session explores how we can make the workplace better for people, drive innovation, and improve financial performance by nurturing the underlying characteristics and values of the creator economy: passion, creativity, collaboration, entrepreneurship, and joy. Key learnings / outcomes:

•Understand the creator economy and its effect on the workplace •Learn the key attributes and practices of the creator’s world, how they can positively impact the workplace and how you can adopt these practices to make your organization a better place to work.

Future Workforce: Navigating a “World of Opposites”

Generation Z is expected to account for 30% of the workforce by 2030, so their importance cannot be overstated. After all, the future success of many organizations will depend on their ability to attract, develop, and retain the next generation of employees. Yet, business leaders across industries seem to struggle with the arrival of Gen Z.

This session is focused on untangling the confusion, misconceptions, and myths already surrounding the next generation of talent. Based on extensive reserach of Gen Z in the context of a 21st century workplace, this session shares surprising insights and takes the audience on a journey through "the world of opposites” that is Gen Z ? high-tech & high touch, independent & dependent, idealistic & realistic ? and elegantly unpacks who they are, what do they expect from the workplace, and what are the strategies, tactics, and leadership styles that are needed to build the next generation of talent. Key learnings / outcomes:

  • Gain deep understanding of who are the Gen Z employees? what are their career aspirations and what they expect from the workplace?

  • Get familiar with tools and strategies for successful engagement with Gen Z before and throughout the recruiting process, and learn how to retain them once they are on board.

Next-Generation Marketing: Capturing the Hearts and Minds of Gen Z

As the power of Gen Z consumers continues to rise, and their ability to disrupt becomes more evident, businesses will have to deploy different approaches to appeal to them. Next-generation consumers need next-generation marketing. This session is based on in-depth research and on Hana’s years of experience in advising some of the world’s leading brands, as well as on stories and best practice examples that she masterfully weaves in. The attendees will leave inspired by the opportunities Gen Z has to offer and be equipped with practical tools to capture their hearts and minds.

Key learnings / outcomes:

  • Gain deeper understanding into the "what”, the "why", and "so what" behind the Gen Z consumer characteristics and behaviors.

  • Learn Gen Z Planet’s “Next Generation Marketing” framework that is based on six winning strategies designed to win the Gen Z consumer.

  • Gain insight into best practices and practical tools to engage with Gen Z.

Gen Z Has Arrived. Are You Ready for The Next Generation?

Generation Z doesn’t play by the same rules or wait for permission. They don’t stand for social injustice or splash cash with reckless abandon. They innovate. They influence. They side-hustle. They disrupt. Yes, Gen Z is here, and they are ready to change everything we know about culture, work, and commerce, presenting businesses with both opportunities and challenges.

In this fast-paced, engaging, and insightful session, Gen Z expert, Hana Ben-Shabat covers everything you need to know about Generation Z. She not only describes the unique characteristics of this upcoming generation but also digs deeper into the “why”, explaining how their life experiences shaped their values, beliefs, and behaviors and in turn how these behaviors can directly determine the success or failure of your business and what you can do to prepare.

Key learnings / outcomes:

  • Discover why Gen Z is truly different from previous generations
  • Gain deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities Gen Z bring to your business
  • Learn tools and strategies to effectively prepare for and connect with Gen Z.


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