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Storyteller, Illusionist, Keynote Speaker, Event Consultant

While hundreds of thousands of people around the globe know Harris "the Third" as an award-winning illusionist, in the last few years his career has exploded into becoming a sought-out keynote speaker, storyteller, and event curator. His endeavors expanded as an entrepreneur as he founded the Istoria Collective, an event and production company that creates and executes meaningful and transformative experiences for people and brands through both live events and a variety of other mediums.

Harris's greatest strength as a communicator is often found in his unique form of storytelling. He attracts audiences and holds their attention in a way few other speakers do, not only because of his 20-year background as a master illusionist, but also a highly effective and memorable keynote speaker who helps audiences discover what he refers to as "real magic." His excellence and uniqueness in doing so has taken him to thousands of stages in 49 states across America, and in almost 40 countries throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, and even the Middle East. He has presented to more than 2 million people world-wide, live in person, not including multiple lm and television appearances.

The universal nature of his presentations have taken him to such a wide variety of venues that it's dif cult to wrap your head around. He has been called upon by Elvis Presley Enterprises to create custom presentations for Graceland, and asked to deliver creative and inspirational messages at fundraising events at venues like the Southwest Airlines Corporate Headquarters. He is invited to present at exclusive, members-only clubs like Manhattan's Soho House, the headquarters of tech giants like Pinterest, to TEDx events and arenas packed with tens of thousands at a time, like Catalyst Leadership Conference. Catalyst went on to add Harris to their prestigious and highly-respected Young In uencers List, naming him one of America's most in uential young people.

After an already successful career as a speaker and performer, Harris is now entering the next decade of his career with a new enthusiasm for stories and art. With his perspective of what real magic is, Harris' presence is quickly being felt in new circles and industries. In 2016, he began a new season by relaunching STORY, the nation's premier conference for creators and storytellers. What began as a simple two-day annual conference has exploded into a proli c movement of culture-shaping storytelling. Under Harris' leadership, STORY has turned into a community who is gathering in multiple cities around the world through a variety of workshops, conferences, and events.

These are no ordinary creators' gatherings. Harris' STORY events have partnered with storytellers who create for companies like Disney, DreamWorks, Pixar, Nike, YouTube, NatGeo, and even NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratories and more. That has led to Harris, himself, partnering with an equally impressive list of companies for workshops, keynotes, and presentations about storytelling, creative thinking, imagination and innovation, and how wonder transforms everything from leadership, to our workplace culture, and our creative processes.

Harris is awakening child-like wonder, imagination, and curiosity in a way that only someone who believes in real magic can.

Speech Topics


Do you have special message you’re trying to get across to your students? Whether through a state-wide program, or a theme for your conference, Harris has a very unique ability to tie in any message with ease and creativity. After performing at almost 1,000 events, Harris has the professional experience necessary to use the art of illusion to create perfection illustrations that allow him to tie in your theme to a custom tailored presentation and talk.


What if the real secret to unlimited creativity and innovation had everything to do with how you use your imagination? It’s a common myth that imagination is something every child readily uses, then stops using as we grow up. But what if that wasn’t the case? In this transformative speech, Harris will make you aware of the dark side of your imagination, how it’s being mis-used and wasted, and how tap into an unlimited potential to create and innovate by reawakening child-like wonder.


Since the beginning of time human beings have told stories. Stories are how we make sense of everything. But often, organizations fail to communicate clearly as a result of losing the art of telling stories, and even those who do engage in storytelling rarely make use of storytellings most powerful tool: Wonder. In this educational and inspirational talk, learn how to invoke wonder, curiosity and imagination in the stories you tell, how to use those stories to communicate powerful ideas, and discover why teams of people from companies like Disney Imagineering, Pinterest, Intel, IBM and more pay to attend STORY, the annual conference-style gathering produced by Harris and his team.


In this innovative talk, Harris will help you reimagine everything you know about leadership. What if everything you’ve been taught about leadership is true and helpful, but there was one single secret that the world’s best leaders knew that could take everything you know to a new level you’ve yet to imagine is possible. Harris has the unique ability to reawaken wonder in others through his communication and his craft, and will help you discover that the ultimate role of a great leader is to awaken the wonder within and stir the imagination of the organization and people you lead.

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