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Ian Beacraft      

Artificial Intelligence & Future of Work Expert; CEO & Chief Futurist at Signal & Cipher

Considered one of the top voices in AI and the future of work, Ian Beacraft is a trusted advisor to the world's most innovative companies. The Founder, CEO and Chief Futurist of Signal and Cipher, Beacraft leads a strategic foresight and development agency guiding companies through the rapidly changing technology landscape to find meaningful routes to innovation that impact the bottom line, inspire cultural change, and create new products and services.

Previously responsible for P&L’s and innovation departments at the largest agencies in the world, Beacraft is known for making bleeding-edge technology understandable and monetizable. Brands he has advised include Samsung, Intel, Coca-Cola, Google, Microsoft, Nike, Symantec, Universal Pictures, and dozens more.

He’s known as a Gonzo Futurist, actively experimenting with new and emerging technologies before they leave the research lab to understand the implications and applications for the future of work and society at large. Beacraft has pioneered a digitally immersive presentation style that brings artificial intelligence and extended reality to life so audiences can understand the future of technology in actionable ways. For four consecutive years, he has spoken at SXSW on the intersection of technology and culture; additional keynote engagements include Masters and Robots, Febraban, CES, and Immersed Global Summit. Beacraft is also the co-owner of a production studio designing virtual worlds. Beacraft is the first person ever to host a news segment as a synthetic human, the Future Report on Defiance Media, streaming to over 100 million devices around the world.

A classically trained musician, Beacraft understands the magnitude of AI's coming impact on human creativity. As a strategist and speaker, he strives to educate stakeholders on the real- world implications of emerging technologies so they can make informed decisions that positively shape our world and advance humanity. In a rapidly evolving world that some consider dystopian, Beacraft remains a steadfast optimist and offers what everyone needs now: hope.

Speech Topics

Creative Machines: AI and a Generative Future

Generative AI is digitizing skillsets, making them programmable and upgradeable. As a result, a new class of Generalists will dominate the era of generative AI. As expertise and experience are no longer needed to perform with proficiency in new fields, those with a breadth of experience and passionate curiosity will rise to the top. With AI, individual creators can become armies of one.

This new paradigm will flip the corporate world on its head, shake up entire industries, and completely transform our relationship with work. What does a world look like when everything we do is enhanced by artificial intelligence?

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