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MLB Award-Winning Outfielder & All-Star of the Chicago Cubs; Host and Executive Producer of 'The Compound' Podcast

MLB All-Star, entrepreneur, and podcaster Ian Happ is one of the most versatile players in Major League Baseball, both on and off the field. In 2022, Happ became an MLB All-Star and was also named a 2022 National League Rawlings Gold Glove Award winner. He is also the MLBPA Player Representative for the Cubs – taking a leadership role in negotiations between the union and the league owners to find common ground. As a professional athlete, Happ is uniquely positioned to discuss the discipline it takes to be great at your craft, the importance of teamwork, and a having winning mindset – the same principles for success that can be applied in the workplace.

Prior to being draft by the Chicago Cubs in the first round of the 2015 MLB Draft, Happ was a finance major. Happ is involved with a diverse and growing portfolio of companies and takes an active role in building true partnerships by focusing on investment opportunities that make an impact. He shares his love of business with his brother, Chris, who is a CPA. Happ also leverages his platform to connect with charities that speak to his values. Happ is also the host and executive producer of "The Compound," a weekly podcast hosted on Jomboy Media – for which Happ is an investor. The podcast brings entertainment and levity to conversations about sports and beyond. Happ delivers sports inspiration, business strategy, and uplifting mental health insights that make an lasting impact with audiences.

Speech Topics

All-Star Strategies for Workplace Success

MLB All-Star and entrepreneur Ian Happ is one of the most versatile players in the league, playing multiple positions, taking a leadership role in MLBPA negotiations, and building team culture through positive mental health awareness. In this motivational talk, the baseball phenom discusses discipline, excellence, teamwork, and strategies for building a winning mindset – the principles for success that matter on the field and in the workplace.

Mental Health: Your Mind is Your Most Powerful Tool

MLB All-Star Ian Happ started meditating after he lost his dad to cancer in 2015. His brother Chris introduced him to meditation as a strategy to help work through the loss, and he developed his meditation practice as part of his mental health journey. Happ considers being in touch with his mental health as another form of exercise, and it has been a vital part of his success on and off the field. An outspoken and uplifting advocate for mental health, Ian shares his own experience and his empowering message that your mind is your most powerful tool.

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