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Author of "PowerLift Your Career: Everything You Need to Succeed" Mindset & Confidence TEDx Speaker

Ife Thomas is a motivational speaker, author and coach who talks about mindset, confidence, mental health and the power of connection. As the author of the acclaimed book, "Powerlift Your Career" and the host of podcast, "Everything You Need To Succeed," Ife is an authority on the techniques and methodologies that build self-esteem and connection and help people to become the very best versions of themselves.

Ife has experienced a lot of darkness in her life as an autistic woman who was abandoned by her birth parents when she was just six weeks’ old. Rather than let her struggles dim her light, Ife became an expert in taking her pain and turning it into power – and she’s passionate about sharing her story and using it to inspire others to achieve their dreams.

Speech Topics

The Power of Connection

Connecting positively with yourself so you can connect better with others and achieve anything.

The Power of Positivity

Mastering the life-changing power of mindset and the things we say to ourselves.

The Power of Change

Recognizing the importance of being able to adapt in both life and work.

The Power of Community

Finding your tribe and surrounding yourself with excellence.

The Psychology of Success

How to think like a winner and achieve your biggest goals.


Do You Worry that Your Child Lacks Self-Confidence?
education. But what about their mental health? Children as young as five are reported to be experiencing anxiety and depression. Nine out of every 10 people with autism will experience depression. The Confidence Star is a fantastic way to start a conversation with your child. It brings to the surface any fears, worries or negative thoughts they might be experiencing that you are not aware of. Take Action with The Confidence Star, proudly supporting Action for Children.
Introducing Ife Thomas: The Perfect Choice for Your Graduation Speaker
When it comes to finding a remarkable and inspiring graduation speaker, look no further than Ife Thomas. Her energy is contagious, and her ability to captivate an audience is unparalleled. Ife has a talent for weaving practical and beautiful storytelling that leaves a lasting impact on all who hear her speak. With Ife at the helm, your graduation ceremony will be transformed into a memorable and inspiring experience. Recently, Ife Thomas delivered a powerful TEDx Talk in Nigeria, and soon it will be available for the public to experience. During this talk, Ife mesmerised the audience, holding them in the palm of her hand as she shared her exceptional insights. Her ability to engage and inspire was evident as she spoke about embracing the dark and finding strength within it.

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