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Ira Blumenthal  

Branding and Marketing Expert and Author

Ira Blumenthal is founder and president of Co-Opportunities, Inc., a dynamic business development and consulting firm that counsels world-class companies from industries across the board. A highly distinguished 25-year veteran of the food industry and respected branding and marketing expert, Blumenthal has had a long-lasting impact on a variety of organizations facing change, challenges, and business as unusual. The recipient of the coveted George Washington Honor Medal For Literary Excellence, Blumenthal's first book, Ready, Blame, Fire!, focuses on the "myths and misses in marketing."

His second book, Managing Brand You: 7 Steps to Creating Your Most Successful Self, which he co-authored with Global Coca-Cola President Jerry S. Wilson, reveals the authors' proven seven-step process for personal brand building. In this book and corresponding presentation, Blumenthal challenges you to ask yourself, "What if I was a brand?" He has also written and published more than 100 magazine articles on business development, and as the former host of the popular radio talk show, Success Talk, he interviewed various celebrities and leaders, including Colin Powell, Mario Andretti, and Tommy Lasorda.

A dynamic and passionate professional speaker, he blends ideas, information, and humor to inform and motivate audiences on how to create the future--not simply react to it. His approach to business development helps people identify opportunities and adapt to market changes by understanding future trends of consumers, advertising, marketing, merchandising, retailing, distribution, production, and management.


Ira Blumenthal Marketing Speaker
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Speech Topics

Strength In Numbers (Strategic Alliances)

Call it business development synergies, joint ventures, partnering, or strategic alliances there is truly strength in numbers! This highly interactive keynote educates and motivates companies of all sizes (entrepreneurial, second tier, mid-size, multi-national) on the importance, power and viability of alliances. After all, we are fast-moving into The Age of Collaboration. Collaborative advantage leads to competitive advantage.

Change Is Inevitable. Growth Is Optional. (Change, Re-invention)

There is one constant in life (and business) change! Yet, change is not new. What is new is the incredible speed of change. Industries, companies and careers have gone from distinction to extinction because of their inability to adapt, adjust and master change. This session offers a high-content, high-energy, hands on approach to embracing, as well as capitalizing on change in business building. After all, change is to business what oxygen is to life.

Brand-Building For Your Future (Branding)

Products are consumed. Brands are purchased. In our branded world, we make Xerox copies, blow our nose in Kleenex, snack on Jell-O, relax in the Jacuzzi and cover wounds with Band-Aids. From Nike on our hats to Tommy on our shirts to Swatch on our watches and Starbucks in our cups, branding is critical to business development. This session focuses on the philosophy, strategy, guiding principles and best practices to create, build, maintain and manage brand success. After all, regardless of what your title is, everyones a brand manager Great examples, provocative anecdotes and purposeful humor make this a great session, especially when customized for the industry, client and event. Everyones a brand manager!

Myths and Misses in Marketing (Marketing, Business Development)

Based on Iras book, Ready, Blame, Fire!, this energetic speech (or workshop) focuses on challenging conventional wisdom. Targeting the fourteen greatest myths in marketing (i.e. Bigger Is Better!, Close Enough Is Good Enough, The First One In Wins, It Wont Happen Here!, etc.), participants learn from history (the misses) and gain a well-defined understanding of the compelling imperatives for success in a complex, highly competitive business climate. The focus of this session is on business development, quantum leap growth, alternative channels of distribution and marketing success.

The DNA of Success (Success)

In business and in life, success (and fulfillment) is not an accident. Using dynamic messages on success from his talk show interviews with success stories such as Colin Powell, Mario Andretti, Debbi Fields, Tommy Lasorda and others, as well as his diverse business career, Ira provides audiences with the compelling imperatives for success, fulfillment and peak performance. Filled with best practice examples, provocative anecdotes and purposeful humor, this is a high-appeal speech with great content. The company (and career) on top of the mountain didnt fall there!

Managing Brand You (Personal Branding)

What if you thought of yourself as a brand? Everyone struggles with what they stand for or what theyd like to stand for Each one of us is a brand. This speech focuses on the disciplines of business branding and applies them to the process of crafting, developing, extending, managing and protecting your most important brand Brand You! Ideal for business executives, sales professionals, even non-business audiences this is an interactive, high-energy, fun-filled educational (and inspirational) speech (and workshop) experience. What if you thought of yourself as a brand?

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