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Ira Winkler is considered one of the world's leading experts on Information Security, Information Warfare, investigating information related crimes, and Industrial Espionage.

Mr. Ira Winkler is recognized as one of the world's experts in Internet security, information warfare, information related crime investigation, and industrial espionage. Ira Winkler is a specialist in penetration testing, where he infiltrates companies, both technically and physically, to find and repair an organization's weaknesses.


Prior to becoming founder and president of the Internet Security Advisors Group, Mr. Ira Winkler was Director of Technology at the International Computer Security Association. ICSA is a leading provider of security assurance, product certification, training, and information services, also functioning as an industry association with several thousand members. At the ICSA, Ira Winkler was responsible for managing the Association's laboratories and led the team establishing certification criteria for Internet fire walls.


Winkler began his career at the National Security Agency, where he performed cryptanalysis and was responsible for systems design and implementing security elements in intelligence collection and analysis systems. Subsequent to his work at the NSA, he served as a consultant with government contractors, designing and implementing security systems throughout the intelligence community. While working with the government, he realized how vulnerable large computer systems are to unauthorized entry and alteration, and that this problem could cost businesses billions of dollars annually.


Ira Winkler is the author of Corporate Espionage, (Prima Publishing, 1997), which describes the challenges of doing business in the digital age. He is the co-author of a new bestseller, Through the Eyes of the Enemy, which details the intelligence aspect of the cold war and the emergence of the Russian mafia as a national security threat. Ira Winkler has also written more than 70 articles and white papers on corporate security issues.


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Speech Topics

The Death of The HP Way: An insiders perspective on how the HP ethics debacle came together.

The news that HP hired private investigators to investigate employees, board members and members of the press shocked the nation and the world, and had massive repercussions both inside and outside of HP. This was not the case of a single person run amok, but of a steady deterioration of the company’s moral fiber. Ira Winkler noticed this deterioration from the inside and resigned, warning that some management behaviors were ethically unsound and were harming the company, while other managers ignored the behaviors. Sadly, his foresight was proven very correct. This presentation discusses the events that led up to Congressional inquiry, as well as how attendees can recognize similar patterns in their own organizations. Most importantly, it provides guidance as to what can be done to prevent this situation from being repeated in their organizations.

Secrets of Superspies.

Spies are unstoppable geniuses who can steal any information they want. You are at their mercy. Then there are the spy wannabes such as criminals, hackers, and even your employees, all with similar diabolical reputations. However as good as spies are in stealing your information, they are as good as protecting their information. After all, people know who the spies are and target them back. While some spy cases hit the newspapers they are rare when compared with all the people out to get them. The fact is that they know the underlying ways to compromise information, so they know best how to protect immense amounts of information.

Ira Winkler uses actual cases of espionage, including those that he committed, to demonstrate the most cost effective security programs for your organization.

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