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Isabelle Laflèche    

Author of "J'adore New York", Transformational Coach & Blogger

Author, speaker, blogger and podcast host, Laflèche began her career as a corporate attorney where she worked in Toronto and New York. After a life-changing encounter in Manhattan with a woman who told her to quit her job on Wall Street and begin writing, she decided to follow her calling and dreams.

She’s the author of 10 books, including best-selling novels and books about wellness and personal transformation. She loves to share inspired teachings and help others make their dreams come true. She currently resides in Montreal where she’s at work on her next book.

Speech Topics

How to navigate change and transformation

  • My personal story of transformation: going from Wall Street corporate lawyer to writer, speaker and blogger
  • How I took the leap
  • How to overcome fear of change? Practical tips to overcome change in any aspect of your life
  • How to take the leap in the unknown: how confidence, self-trust and faith can turn your life (or business) around.
  • Staying the course despite the fears; practical tips to remain on target.
  • How to find your life purpose: practical exercises to identify your life mission and path
  • Signs you have found your life purpose: tools to connect with your life path and destiny
  • Tips to help you make lasting changes without any fear. How to overcome fear on a daily (and moment-by-moment) basis.
  • How to be confident and trust yourself in the middle of deep transformation
  • How to enjoy the process of change?

How to create a life filled with creativity and joy

  • Creativity: do we all have it? If so, how to connect with it? How to remove any blocks?
  • How can you more easily express creativity in every aspect of your life?
  • How to connect with our innate sense of joy?
  • Releasing the past; letting go of the burdens that hold you back!
  • Playfulness: why it’s a key part of a well-lived life
  • Practical tools and tips to add creativity in your workplace and daily grind
  • Intuitive writing: how this helps us get to the core of who we are
  • Fun exercises to get you in the creative flow

How to Create a Wardrobe that is Authentic and Sustainable

  • What is a sustainable wardrobe?
  • The benefits of shifting the way you shop
  • Tips to create a wardrobe that is authentically you
  • Practical tips for shopping, thrifting, and swapping
  • How to stay the course and avoid clothing that harms our planet and living eco-systems
  • Where to look and where to find the greatest treasures
  • Shopping for your age; why this concept needs to go!
  • Dressing more like you; how and why this attracts more opportunities your way.

How To Write and Publish Your First Book

  • How to remove writing blockages
  • How to identify a winning idea/concept?
  • The essential components of any book
  • Structure
  • How to surprise your readers
  • Editing is essential. How to get it done.
  • How to reach out and pitch to editors/publishers
  • Conclusion

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