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Itzik Amiel          

Global Leading Authority on Networking and Relation Capital

Itzik Amiel is an inspiring leader, power networker and highly sought after award winning International Professional speaker, trainer, and Mentor.

Amiel is the Global Leading Authority on Networking and Relationship Capital. Amiel has helped thousands of leaders, corporate and professionals organizations and networks around the world more effectively and efficiently raise their international expansion and branding and empower their vision. His inspiring and innovative speeches and presentations on “the Art of Attentional Networking”, “Are you paying Attention”, “Authenticity, Simplicity and Sincerity” etc. have made him an in-demand speaker.

Amiel is considered one of the most engaging speakers in the professional business networking and relationship development marketplace. His presentations and keynote speeches are truly a memorable experience.

Amiel is a top business development and international networking strategist, having honed his skills during his corporate career at prominent firms such as ABN AMRO Bank; Moore Stephens and international law firms and leading trust companies. With almost 2 decades of experience as a keynote speaker and his professional background and experiences, Amiel is widely considered as a leading business networking expert, speaker, trainer and mentor.

Amiel is the bestselling author of the leading networking and motivation book ‘The Attention Switch: How to Pay with Secret Ingredient to Attract, Influence, Deeply Connect and Get the Success You Always Wanted” [more information:]

'Your Attention is like a Switch. You are in Charge of Turning it On or Off' -- Itzik Amiel

Amiel founded The Power Networking Academy, an academy for people skills that delivers an exclusive program aimed at business professionals and entrepreneurs.

Drawing from examples of well-known brands and his experience with his own clients, Amiel gives his audiences the genuinely fresh insights they need to strengthen their relationship and market presence and improve network for their businesses, and to strengthen their personal brands.

Amiel holds a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) (Cum Lauda) and a Master of Laws (adv. LL.M.) (in international taxation). Itzik also studied accounting and he is also certified mediator in tax and commercial legal subjects. Amiel is the founder and first chair of Young IFA and a member of many professional associations, facilitate the expansion successfully of many of them and reach to new young generations of members worldwide.

Furthermore, Amiel is an active board member and international ambassador of the CRM Association. Amiel is the international ambassador and Global Expansion director of International Referral network. He is a senior advisory board member for Corpdata (USA) and Globals inc. (India and USA). Amiel is on the board of editors of the international tax Magazine (India); Analitica (Russia CIS) and in the mentoring committee of ‘Big Consulting’ magazine.

Speech Topics

Other Presentation Topics:

Every presentation is completely customized for the audience, and can be delivered as a keynote, workshop, webcast, or master class. Please call for more details, or about other topics that Itzik is regularly asked to speak on. Itzik will be happy to develop a new tailor made keynote presentation upon your request and based on the specific event; target audience; length etc.

Please feel free to contact us for more details.Other interesting subjects Itzik can have his presentations about include, for example:

  • “New markets-New Clients: sea of opportunities”;

  • “SME expanding internationally – secrets revealed”;

  • “Smart Networking to boost your business”

The L Factor: Are you paying Attention?

Building business relationships is not a matter of playing golf, giving presents or being a rubber stamp on others’ ideas. There is an art and a science to being a relationship master at all times. Studies show that it can boost your sales by 40%, drive your talent’s productivity by 25% and cut regrettable turnover in half. In this program Itzik reveals winning ways to create and maintain real connections inside & outside your company.

Key Takeaways

  • How relationships are bonded or broken in business.

  • How to be an effective mentor by following the knowledge gap lifecycle.

  • How to repair a damaged relationship or a mismanaged expectation. Five email etiquette rules that will protect relationships and prevent burn out in your troops.

  • A plan to leverage networking to drive business results. Follow it and you’ll double your network strength in less than one year.

Attentional Networking | the Secrets of the Unspoken Language

Studies consistently demonstrate that words are only a small piece of the communication puzzle. There is much more that happens at a subconscious level that impacts our ability to connect with others and be truly understood. In this exciting and humorous program you’ll discover how people communicate subtle and obvious messages through nonverbal language. This humorous program examines virtually every aspect of conscious and subconscious communication including time, space, appearance, posture, gesture, voice, facial expression, eye contact, touch, silence, and even smell. You’ll know how to tell if people are lying to you, and what their real intentions are. You’ll also learn how to project yourself with greater confidence, and influence people with more precision than ever before. Having the ability to read body language can go a long way in helping you throughout your personal and professional life. Being able to read body language can help you ace a job interview. It can make a date go smoother and it can help you excel at reaching your goals and connect with the right people.

Key Takeaways

  • What body language is and its importance in interaction with others;

  • How to read body language and how to use the information to your personal and career advantage;

  • Differences between male and female gesturing;

  • Cultural differences as it pertains to body language, and the connection with others;

  • The power of first impressions and intuition;

  • Discover how to project greater personal power;

  • How to ask the questions and be an active listener when you get responses;

  • How to connect with the right and truthful people. Don’t shake another hand until you have learned all you can from the information in this unique interaction program.

“Be Yourself: Be your own brand”

Successful people use branding techniques to differentiate themselves from others to achieve recognition in high profile project selections, promotions, leadership, strategic partnerships and personal encounters.

Key Takeaways

  • How to identify and influence your on-line brand.

  • Strategies to develop enhance your personal and digital brand.

  • How to display the brand person you want others to see.

  • How to apply your brand in personal and professional settings.

The Art of Attentional Networking | The Magical secret to Turn your Relationships to Revenue

Being Authentic, Simple and Sincere in your interactions with other people will prove to you that you are unique. It will pave to you a direct way to become a real networker. You will enjoy interacting with others and be proud of being able to give and share more from yourself with others. It is the best way to select your strategic partners and implement implicit leadership.

Key Takeaways

  • The mind set and the skills set you need to become a real networker;

  • The secrets of how the pro networkers source their best contacts, alliances and prospects;

  • Little known authentic ways to accelerate conversations and influence outcomes;

  • Simple networking – do it your own way!

  • Hidden strategies for building relationship that last;

  • Sincerity – an impact and being remembered when networking.

BONUS: All of Itzik's keynotes include audience prep and follow-up for sustainable change, as well as a pre-talk survey to customize his presentation to the unique strengths and weaknesses of your organization an incredible added value.

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