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Jackob Bossira  

Leading Expert on Global Investment, Energy & Communications

Jacob Bossira is a well experienced Executive Director and CEO. He is an expert in energy-saving, communication, power generation & water generation, Development, and Security.

Bossira has an Oil, gas, and chemical's Mandate (Government's), investment Mandate (Government's), and he is a Specialist in investment management and business management. Bossira has Very high connections in the political filed on a global level, he is a Human right activist, ex-politician, ex-navy officer, and UN (UNESCO) representative.

He is an expert and highly experienced in Venture Capital (VC) and Private Equity (PE), building a business to increase profitability to reach Tuck in the acquisition and selling the company and is authorized by international bodies.

Jacob is a member of sigma accounting system board of directors, a Chief engineer In a.m engineering and consulting - was developing a turnkey project's for the Nuclear reactor, Refael, and Iscar, a regen manager (telecom) in the Israel electric Company, had of the electric filed in an international port in Israel and in the workers union management, Economic adviser to a Russian oil company and other global companies.

Managerial experience in the fields of energy, computer development, investments & combat.

He is a Marketing and inventor & Development Services, who is the C.T.O\ C.E.O of communication world, SbEliX, Jacob's power, metal jacket.

Through this company's, he was recognized as a charismatic and design-driven pioneer of the Smartphone revolution and green, Renewable & Environment energy and for his Career in the computer and consumer electronics fields, transforming ""one industry after another, from computers, \smart phones to energy, founded and served as CEO of Jacobs power; an innovation company in the field of energy. Jacob was among the first to see the commercial potential of energy saving and Green Energy.

Bossira's power started in selling oil, gas, and coal. Specialization in energy, Infrastructure & the environmental; business development; financing and Investments.

Here are the companies Mr. Bosssira is involved in : ""Jacob's Power"": A Global firm for Water Treatment Plant power Generation, oil & gas.

""Metal Jacket"": A Global firm for Training and Supply of Combat equipment.

""SbEliX"": A Range of computing product development.

""Leader Bank"": A Global firm Investment banking.

""Communication-world"": A Global firm for Telecom and HLS projects

Bossira also founded and build a management team of the World Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Operated under UNESCO) and acts with power of attorney with world leaders and heads of state and serves as their representative in Israel.

Bossira is a Consultant and international expert for entrepreneurship, Mandatory (with authorization to approve financing from international bodies) and investment and financial manager for large companies (eg oil company in Russia, electricity companies and oil infrastructure companies, etc)

Bossiraa is an M.B.A graduate and B.SC in computer science (with distinction) and a P.E . in Electric and Electronics Engineering. During his career he gains an education in may areas as a computer, Telcom, management, and finance from respected organizations including an international one.

Bossiraa is an authorized consul in Israel for Siera Leon and Gana. He serves regularly as a keynote speaker at major conferences and corporate forums in Israel and worldwide.


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Economy and Finance, Innovation, Investment & Funding, Energy, Weapon and Communication

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