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Jag Randhawa    

Technology Executive, Award Winning Author and Innovation Catalyst

Jag Randhawa is a Technology Executive, Venture Capital Advisor, Professional Speaker and award-winning author of the book “The Bright Idea Box.” Jag has been credited with creating a wave of bottom-up innovation culture and empowering employees to grow the business. Jag’s MASTER Innovation program, a six-step formula for creating a culture of innovation, has been praised by leading business authorities and journals, including Harvard Business Review. Jag frequently speaks on the topics of Innovation, Leadership and Employee Engagement. Prior to joining CAMICO, he worked as an IT consultant and engineer serving a broad range of industries. Jag has developed many innovative and award-winning software systems in his 20 years of technology tenure. Jag holds an Electronics Engineering diploma from Punjab State Tech Education Board and a BS in Information Technology from Western Governors University. Jag is an active contributor to the local CIO community and Chairs the Silicon Valley CIO chapter of TechExecs.

Speech Topics

Innovator’s Mindset - 7 Skills of Highly Effective Innovators

Innovative thinking is a lifestyle. It is a skill. And above all, it is a skill that can be learned. Ideas are always around us, but people often fail to recognize them. Innovation requires a certain mindset to connect the dots and generate ideas. Just like mastering any other skill, innovative thinking requires building and practicing some basic habits to see opportunities in everyday life. Learn the habits of some of the greatest innovators, from Leonardo Da Vinci to David Kelly, to awaken the innovator inside you.

Motivate Employees and Boost Performance

Need a speaker to motivate your employees to give their best? I have a perfect keynote for your employees – “Discovering Your Hidden Potential”. I will dives deeper into why your employees should work hard to make the company successful. What is the relationship between business success and their personal success. I will shares reasons why they should perform at their absolute best and how they can grow personally and professionally.

With this keynote, your employees will learn: 1. Discovering Personal Potential and Passion 2. Opportunities for Leadership and Personal Growth 3. Works as a Means of Continuous Learning 4. Secret to Success in life and Career

Or alternatively, an equally powerful keynote that teaches leaders how to motivate their employees -

Title: How to Build High Performance Teams: A Four-Step Formula to Bring Out the Best in Your Team

True measure of leadership is the ability to mobilize others toward a common goal. Your success and career depends on depends on the success of your constituents. Jag combines the elements of Neuroscience, Behavioral Psychology and Leadership practices and presents four simple principles to motivate employees and build high-performance teams. You will learn how to improve collaboration in your team, create a sense of ownership, and align team members with organizational goals.

Employee Engagement and Innovation - How to Transform Employees into Innovators

Do you want your employees to think of ideas that will help you grow your business? Do you want your employees to think of ways to improve customer satisfaction? Do you want your employees to help you identify operational inefficiencies? Do you want your employees to market your products and corporate culture to the world? Learn how to create a simple 6-step bottom-up innovation program to encourage employees to submit ideas that will increase customer satisfaction, create operational efficiencies, and help transform products into what customers want.

Internet of Things – The Next Big Wave of Business Opportunities

Technology is constantly changing the way we live, work, communicate and produce things. The first era of computing was about efficiencies through automation. The second wave of computing was about connected people. The next phase of computing innovations is all about the connected things. Prevalence of wireless access in remote corners, advances in micro-sensors and the rise of analytics have created perfect conditions for connected devices to create a web of artificial intelligence. This new world of connected things will create new opportunities and challenges for businesses across the globe. The Internet of Things is expected to be an $11 trillion market opportunity. Learn how you can be a part of this mega opportunity.

The Art and Science of Persuasion

Whether you are trying to sell a product to a prospect, your vision to employees, your expertise to potential employer, your ideas to your peers, or reach an agreement with your partner – your success depends on your ability to influence your counterpart to listen to you. Science reveals that humans are hardwired to make snap judgments and make decision based on emotions. Your gestures and body language generates emotions that make others either listen or completely ignore you in a matter of seconds. Learn what science has to teach you about persuasion, and body language techniques you can use to increase your influence and persuasive powers.

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