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Founder of The Kampfire & Olympic Medalist

Jaime Komer, a multifaceted speaker, infuses her audiences with transformational energy and creative wisdom. Her journey from Olympic triumph to personal exploration shapes a unique perspective on intentional living. Komer excels in guiding individuals and teams through transitions, drawing from her Olympic career as a Water Polo Goalkeeper and 15+ years in Wellness, coupled with a Master's Degree in Health and Wellness Coaching.

As a 2x World Champion and Olympic Silver Medalist with Team USA, Komer embodies resilience and adaptability. Her speaking prowess shines in her ability to reinvent identities, cultivate intuition, and foster trust. Komer's keynotes dive into navigating life's shifts, empowering personal growth through guided visualization, and forging connections via her transformative Kampfire Sessions.

Komer's speaking style, a blend of authenticity, curiosity, and calm, sets the stage for deep audience engagement. Her experiences resonate with those navigating change, making her sessions a transformative experience that lingers. Whether guiding Olympic athletes, business executives, or parents, Komer's unique approach propels individuals and teams toward authenticity and purpose. Her message is clear: Embrace transformation and navigate change with inner calm and renewed strength.

Speech Topics

Transition, Well-Being, Mental Health, Resilience, Personal Growth

Embracing Life's Transitions: Navigating Change with Inner Calm

Join Jaime, an Olympic Athlete turned well-being advocate, facilitator, solopreneur, mom and digital nomad family, on a transformative journey through the art of intentionally navigating life's transitions. Through her personal experiences, she shares insights into leaving behind defining titles, overcoming inner and outer resistance, and welcoming change while staying aligned with your authentic self. This engaging session explores how to find inner calm and clarity amidst the intentional chaos of transformation, leaving participants uplifted and empowered to mindfully approach their own life shifts.

Cultivating Growth through Guided Visualization: Living in Alignment

Discover the profound impact of guided visualization and mindfulness in fostering intentional personal growth and self-discovery. With her authentic and calming style, Jaime guides participants through interactive visualizations, helping them connect with their inner wisdom and live in alignment with themselves. Drawing from her own experiences and her work with top performers, she delves into the remarkable benefits of visualization techniques. This session leaves attendees inspired to cultivate confidence, curiosity, and intentional action, propelling them toward a path of continuous self-improvement while honoring their true selves.

Well-Being, Mental Health, Transition, Resilience, Happiness, Authenticity, Personal Growth

Connecting and Thriving with Kampfire Sessions: Embrace Your Authentic Journey

Jaime's unique approach to guided visualization goes beyond individual practice – it creates a thriving community. Explore the significance of intentional community, spiritual exploration, and mindfulness in today's fast-paced world. Jaime's talks showcase how her Kampfire sessions provide a space for individuals to uncover their purpose, find fulfillment, and maintain balance while living in alignment with their authentic selves. These sessions serve as a testament to the power of deep connections, both within ourselves and among a supportive group. Experience the mental clarity that washes away doubts and the renewed sense of identity that Kampfire ignites, leading you to embrace and embody your true journey.

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