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James D. Feldman, CSP, CITE, CPIM, CPT          

Jim is a Innovation and Meaningful Memories Customer Experience Expert, Certified Speaking Professional and internationally recognized advisor, educator, and author.

Everyday each of us faces a new problem that needs a proactive solution. James Feldman introduces powerful, life-altering processes in visually exciting presentations with real world examples. They are designed to mobilize organizations for successful implementation of various target problem areas. James Feldman helps audiences “discover opportunities where others see limitations.”

Jim is a Certified Facilitator and internationally recognized professional motivator, trainer, speaker and author. His clients include Toyota, Hewlett Packard, Xerox, Subaru, NBC, Walt Disney and Kodak, to name a few.

Jim holds a BA in English & Economics from KansasStateUniversity and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Illinois, Champaign. He is one of only six individuals worldwide to earn Master Incentive Professional (MIP) certification and one of only 50 to earn Certified Incentive Travel Executive (CITE) certification. He also holds CPT certification, Certified Performance Technologist, from the International Society for Performance Improvement in affiliation with American Society for Training and Development.

Jim is the author of four books, Thriving on Changes in Organizations, Celebrate Customer Service –Insider Secrets, Doctor Travel’s ® Cure for the Common Trip, and D-A-T-I-N-G Your Customer. He has also published articles in Advertising Age, AdWeek, Nation’s Business, Investor’s Business Dailyand numerous other professional publications.

Speech Topics

Creating A Winning Organization

Jim works with any size organization to help uncover and discover better processes and procedures. He brings in plenty of outside perspectives with real world case studies. Whether the focus is team building, customer service, or innovative problem solving, all of the topics can be adapted to workshops, breakouts, and seminars.

He engages the audience by creating an atmosphere of experimentation. The workshop and facilitation process helps to create a stimulating work environment. And throughout the workshop Jim recognizes that great creative thnking must be rewarded. Whether its a field trip or dinner with the CEO these incentives tend to have a significant ROI.

Jim encourages your audience to create creative thinking partnerships with consumers, and understand the context of their everyday lives. By providing questions and tools that 'deep dive' into seeing your customers as more who they are not what they are he demonstrates how their lifestyles, values, need and emotions can be leveraged for greater 'wallet share.' These workshops are a road map to creating a passionate, inter-connected departments with more functional diversity. Upon completion attendees will have learned how to develop 'team expertise' that breeds conventional wisdom.

They will start to look for ways to collaborate with a wider range of creative thinkers. They will know their brains and how to distinguish themselves by being more aggressive in the pursuit of ideas and strategies that encourage right brain thinking, creating an inspiring environment, and fostering an atmospher of experimentation.

Meaningful Memories

Jim's unique background of independence gives him the freedom to offer unbiased, objective, and thought provoking advice.This presentation helps define and capture the essence of today's demanding client expectations. Smart leaders are hungry for good ideas. Their know your future depends heavily on relentless improvement…on constant innovation…on breakthroughs. It's all about creating a 'meaningful memory and extraordinary experience. It’s time to focus on what counts and the engagement of signature strengths. Jim explains the process of finding your prime talents so you can flex and further develop. By getting rid of the common disabling conditions, creativity and innovation come to life, liberating your most able and talented staff. He looks beyond traditional business and provides a roadmap to get your organization to next plateau. Most industries have matured and have become very good at the details but lost the ability to target the experience to their customers. This presentation focuses how we

  1. Caress our mind,

  2. Add fire to our inner rage,

  3. Send chills down the length of our spine,

  4. Giving us a euphoric high as we join our heros-or competitors- to reach a climactic conclusion for our clients.

Whether retail, hospitality, government, technology, automotive, HBA, trades, or professional each industry has unique opportunities to exceed their customers expectations using innovation and unique experiences to provide sustainable growth and competitive differentiation.

You are what you charge for and experiences create greater value and reduce commoditized products or services. Jim's presentation offers practical advice, insights, and conversations with the audience that result is a great experience.

Shift Happens!: Thriving on Change

We live in an age of extraordinary innovation. Innovation is attainable by anyone at any organization, regardless of title or position. Jim hosts an Idea Exchange with the audience that produces targeted ideas and solutions that the meeting organizers can use for their clients. The new game is products wrapped in services. In the new world, everything will be intelligent, everything will be connected and literally everything can be considered as a platform for the delivery of services. In this age of global discontinuities, personal innovation is more important than ever. The time to be a creative problem solver is now. We must recognize the value of knowledge and leverage it. We must embrace exposure to new and better ideas And we MUST get better results. Jim encourages the audience to change the way they look at their organization.Almost anything is possible and almost everything is available. Jim challenges the audience to move outside the lines that were drawn years ago.Turn the paper sideways and change everything. He demonstrates to the audience that most successful people will adapt their role to provide value in collaborative relationships. It has a great deal to do with the 'right attitude.' Our value is measured by the size of the problems we can solve.The time to make a change is now!
Simply put, innovation is a new way of doing things that results in positive change. He challenges the audience to take the idea of innovation and examine it a new light, and differentiate to win. It is time to think and act beyond the bounds of conventional wisdom. Fear is not a growth strategy. You must be innovative. You must be bold. And to accomplish that goal you should hire Jim Feldman for your next keynote, workshop, on breakout.

D-A-T-I-N-G Your Customer

Customers today are armed with information about your company, your products and services, the costs and the competition. They know they can vote with their dollars and they exercise their right to do just that. By the time Customers comes to you with a problem, they have already told others, formulated their defense (or offense) tactic, and planned for their rebuttal. It's just like D-A-T-I-N-G. The goal is to bring them back.







Uncovering Innovation Using 3D Thinking

Jim delivers innovative solutions to problems that 'keep the audience awake at night." He sustains conversations with the audience in their language, offering relevant information targeted to the specific needs and wants of the attendees. Fear makes us irrational. Fearlessness is what distinguishes the DNA of entrepreneurs.
Mistakes happen but we can learn from them. It is time to reach out, stretch, and do things differently by asking your self, “What am I going to do differently today, that will get me better results than yesterday” Jim's goal is to transform how your clients think...better than anyone else. He provides them with a view that ultimately proves to be so compelling that you can never see things in quite the same way again.
Stunning visuals. Licensed movie scenes and conversations with the audience demonstrate how to go 'inside the box' to discover new solutions to existing problems.

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