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James Pethokoukis is the Money & Politics columnist and blogger for global news service Reuters where he covers the nexus of Washington and Wall Street.

James Pethokoukis is the Money & Politics columnist and blogger for global news service Reuters where he covers the nexus of Washington and Wall Street. He is also a frequent and official Contributor to CNBC, America's #1 business channel. In a new world of unprecedented government involvement in the world of business, Pethokoukis tracks and analyzes the critical interplay of politics, policy, industry and the markets. Using his network of Obama White House, congressional and campaign sources, he gives insider insight into what's happening today in Washington and what may happen tomorrow. With humorous stories and penetrating expert analysis from his years covering Washington and business, James Pethokoukis dissects Big Government, Big Politics, Big Money and Big Business in the Age of Obama.

Analyst and Pundit. Pethokoukis began his journalism career in Los Angeles, at Investors Business Daily and eventually moved on to U.S. News and World Report, where he spent twelve years as the economics columnist and business editor. He joined Reuters to become a columnist, analyst, and blogger where he continues to interpret current political events from the point of view of business and investors. A frequent commentator on CNBC's Kudlow & Company, Power Lunch, and The Call, he has also appeared numerous times on MSNBC, Fox News Channel, Fox Business Network, CNN, and Nightly Business Report on PBS.

Current Events in Politics and Business. At Reuters, Pethokoukis writes a daily column and maintains a vibrant and up-to-the-minute blog and Twitter account covering all aspects of Washington politics, domestic policy and 2010 midterm elections. His expert opinion on the hottest issues of the day are must-reads for top politicians and business people. His speeches mirror this up-to-date analysis, giving audiences on-the-ground commentary.

More About James Pethokoukis. A 1989 graduate of Northwestern University where he double majored in Soviet politics and American history and a 1991 graduate of the Medill School of Journalism, Pethokoukis is also a 2002 Jeopardy! champion.

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Speech Topics

Washington in Real Time

James Pethokoukis gives an up-to-the-second analysis of politics and policy in the nation's capital. Taking advantage of his vast network of congressional and Obama White House sources, Pethokoukis answers critical questions and provides valuable insight. Will Democrats lose the House or Senate--or both? Who are the Republican front-runners for the 2012 presidential nomination? How will Congress deal with the massive budget deficit and sky-high unemployment? What is the meaning of the latest developments in healthcare reform, financial reform and climate policy? This fast-paced and lively presentation gives an insider's perspective on what's happening in Washington right now and what it all means for the future.

The Next Obama Agenda

The recession may be over, but there is still plenty to do in Washington. James Pethokoukis looks at both the current state of the economy and of the Obama economic and policy agenda -- and where both are heading this year and beyond. Among the issues Pethokoukis examines: 1) How the White House wants to close the budget gap; 2) Whether taxes are going up; 3) The next steps for climate, healthcare and financial policy on Capitol Hill; 4) How the resurgent Republicans will affect Obamanomics. Pethokoukis also looks at how Republicans want to deal with the critical issues facing America.

Reagan 2.0 and the Future of the GOP

After devastating election losses in 2006 and 2008, Republicans appear headed for big gains in the 2010 midterm elections. But what should they do with their newfound influence? James Pethokoukis looks at the future of conservative and free-market economic policy. Just rerunning 1980s-style Reaganomics isn't enough when facing the economic problems of 21st century America.

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