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Leading Technology & Healthcare Futurist; Founder & Chair, OneShared.World

Jamie Metzl is one of the world’s leading technology and healthcare futurists and Founder and Chair of the global social movement OneShared.World, a Senior Fellow of the Atlantic Council, a faculty member of NextMed Health, and a Singularity University expert. In 2019, he was appointed to the World Health Organization expert advisory committee on human genome editing.

A former partner in a global private equity firm, he sits on advisory boards for multiple biotechnology and other companies and helped establish and serves as Special Strategist to the WisdomTree BioRevolution Exchange Traded Fund (ticker: WDNA). His book, "Superconvergence: How the Genetics, Biotech and AI Revolutions Will Transform Our Lives, Work, and World," was published by Timber/Hachette two weeks ago. Metzl is the author of the bestseller, "Hacking Darwin: Genetic Engineering and the Future of Humanity," and many other books and previously served in the U.S. National Security Council, State Department, and Senate Foreign Relations Committee and with the United Nations in Cambodia.

Metzl holds a Ph.D. from Oxford, a law degree from Harvard, and an undergraduate degree from Brown and is an avid ironman triathlete and ultramarathon runner.

Speech Topics

Superconvergence: How the AI, Genetics, and Biotechnology Revolutions Will Transform our Healthcare, Lives, Work, and World

The rapid growth of new AI systems like ChatGPT and Google Bard have made most people realize significant change is on the horizon. However, while most people still think of these AI capabilities as improved internet search tools, the implications are far more profound. Just like the agricultural, industrial, and computer revolutions before it, the AI revolution will transform almost every aspect of our personal and professional lives. Along with our new capabilities in genetics and biotechnology, it will change how we live and work, our economies, our healthcare, the foods we eat, and our interactions with the world around us. In this both far-reaching and highly practical talk, leading futurist Jamie Metzl explores the big-picture implications of this transformative moment in human history and how individuals, companies, and societies can best ride the wave of this change rather than be subsumed by it.

From Precision to Predictive: Technology, innovation, and the Exciting Future of Healthcare

The transition from today’s system of generalized medicine based on population averages to the new model of precision healthcare based on each person’s individual biology is already well underway. However, the use of new generative AI systems and the precision medicine tools of genome sequencing, big data analytics, and targeted gene therapies to treat cancer and other diseases are paving the way for a further transition to more predictive and preventive healthcare. In this talk, Jamie Metzl elucidates how the tools and capabilities of the intersecting artificial intelligence, genetics, and biotechnology revolutions are transforming healthcare and lays out key principles for how health industry professionals, the business community, governments, and individuals can prepare for a revolution that is coming far sooner than most people recognize.

The Biology Revolution Will Change Everything. Are You Ready?

Faster than most people understand or appreciate, our growing, superhuman capabilities to restructure the building blocks of life will fundamentally alter the way we prevent and treat disease, generate energy, grow food, store data, create industrial materials, and much more. Just like the information technology revolution started small and then “ate the world,” the biology revolution is about to change much of everything. Most businesses and other organizations are not ready. In this mind-expanding talk, visionary futurist Jamie Metzl describes how the biotechnology revolution will play out over the coming years and what we can all do on a personal, professional, and global level to prepare and thrive.

Cracking the Code of Pandemic Origins

Jamie Metzl has been called “the original COVID-19 whistleblower” for his pioneering work probing the origins of the pandemic, which has been covered by 60 Minutes and in almost every major newspaper across the globe. Understanding how the pandemic began has massive implications for preventing the next one, but efforts to do just that have been hampered at every turn. In this pioneering talk, Jamie opens up about the epic and ongoing struggle for a full investigation into the origins of COVID-19 and what it will take to build a safer future for all.

Beyond the Blue Zones: What the Revolutionary Science of Human Life Extension Means for You

Most everybody knows we should exercise, eat well, build meaningful communities, and reduce stress to live healthy longer. But the revolutionary new science of human life extension is creating enticing new possibilities for using technology to extend our lives far beyond what nature intended. While the quest for immortality has been the stuff of fairy tales, the new science of life extension will soon be pushing the limits of aging and unlocking human potential in ways our ancestors never could have imagined. Technology futurist Jamie Metzl explores the latest breakthroughs in the science of human life extension that promise to gain more of life‘s most precious commodity: time. Jamie explains what individuals, companies, and governments must do now to prepare for this revolutionary future that will fundamentally reorganize our societies and global economics.

Think Like a Sci-Fi Writer: How to Unlock Your and Your Organization’s Hidden Potential in an Era of Revolutionary Change

The future is coming at us faster than ever before. As the pace of technological change in fields like artificial intelligence, genomics, and robotics increases exponentially, the sands of national and international politics are shifting under our feet more than at any time since the end of WWII. But while this moment of radical change creates great peril for organizations that stick too rigidly to traditional ways of thinking and operating, it provides unparalleled opportunities for those who challenge themselves to think differently, creatively imagine future scenarios, and set out on a journey to succeed in a radically new environment. Organizations must, in other words, begin thinking like science fiction writers. In this wide-ranging and highly focused talk, Jamie clearly explains the converging mega-trends reshaping our world, describes how science fiction writers draw on evidence from the present to build a world of tomorrow and outlines a specific road map for how organizations can use the powerful tool of thinking more like science fiction writers to better prepare for the future and unlock hidden organizational potential.


Human Success in the AI Age
NEW YORK – Everywhere we look nowadays, we find warnings that artificial-intelligence algorithms are coming for our jobs. While Goldman Sachs estimates that two-thirds of all current jobs in the United States and Europe could be “exposed to some degree of AI automation” in the coming years, a report from Pew Research Center puts the figure at closer to one-fifth – with a special emphasis on jobs requiring a college education.
The Future, According to Jamie Metzl
At the highest levels of business and government, his counsel is sought on matters of science, technology, medicine, ethics, politics and history. Jamie Metzl has advised Walmart, a slew of biotech startups, and the World Health Organization. He served on the White House National Security Council and as an executive of the Asia Society. He led public discussion about the origins of the COVID-19 virus and founded an international movement to help address the world’s collective-action problem.
The Metaverse Could Become an Oppressive Dystopia. It Needs a Congress | Opinion
Facebook's recent announcement that it had changed its name to Meta in anticipation of the two-dimensional internet morphing into an immersive 3-D Metaverse has unleashed a boom in speculation about our digital future, along with investor interest. While no one can yet know exactly what the Metaverse will be, it's already clear that our personal and professional lives will increasingly be lived in interactive and communal virtual spaces that will sometimes feel more like multi-player video games than like searching today's web. But if we want to make sure our security, integrity, and freedom will be protected in these new worlds, we've got a lot of work to do.
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