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High Heels to Harley

Janet Kirch is enthusiastic, fun, entertaining, and educational! She’s an internationally acclaimed and awardwinning speaker, and will keep you WOWED, just as she’s done with audiences in four continents for over thirteen years. With her Bachelor and Master of Arts in Human Resource Management, her 25 years in managing people in the transportation and travel industry, and as a business owner, she knows what it takes to handle tough people issues.

As a professional, Janet Kirch has an empathetic and caring quality that enables her to communicate effectively with all audiences. Her steadfast commitment to success and her ethical responsibility have earned her the respect of all with whom she comes in contact. Janet is creative and refreshingly different, with an enthusiastic and dynamic approach to speaking, training and development.

And yeah, she even rides her own Harley-Davidson motorcycle. She’s well known as “Moti Diva,” a motivational speaker on Harley wheels, is regularly featured in Rumble Magazine, and enjoys the open road every change she gets.


Navigating the Attitude Road to Change

Move it up! Shake it up! Rev it up! It's all about attitude. Super charge your team by igniting their attitudes into "performance upgrade".  Every day, we're asked to do more with less, or take on assignments we've never done before, even changing jobs.  This causes workload overload.  In this program, Janet will help your team:

    * Understand the four phases of change and how to roll through each

    * Manage their time by prioritizing their new responsibilities

    * Capture the good stress - without distress

    * Rumble into action, not reaction when change must happen

These new skills will excite your team with a renewed sense of ownership and enthusiasm needed to launch your big change.

It's Not Only the Destination, It's Also the Journey

Learn to Lead With Passion

You don't have to be a manager to be a great leader.  But to be a leader of people it takes grit, attitude, confidence, and a passion to lead.  Dare to go the course through a maze of skills that will set forth a solid foundation that you'll use in any capacity of your life.  Janet will bring a level of comfort your associates have never known before.  They'll learn to:

    * Lead by setting the example of what they expect of others

    * Create visions for people to believe in

    * Delegate effectively the means to achieve the vision

    * Give and receive constructive feedback

At the end of this journey, they will be begging for that next leadership assignment, or simply taking the lead by making it happen.   Excellent for those who have been put in charge without the title, first time managers and supervisors, or just a great refresher for even the most experienced.

Managing Conflict by Navigating the People Pot Holes

Every day we suffer miserable people who suck us into their world.  Janet will help you detour these ruts in your road by redirecting the way you handle conflict, or direct you to start one.  That's right, hitting the offender head on.  If it didn't hurt, they'd call it a day off with pay.  But first she'll help you make sure that it is in fact a conflict with a difficult person, not just a difference.  Sometimes gender, generational gap or personality style differences can't be changed.  But what if they really are difficult?  In her program, she'll:

    * Help you get a better understanding of yourself and the offender before resolving the conflict

    * Give you the right choice of words to use before you say something you'll regret

    * Build your confidence in confronting the people pot holes

    * Entertain you with a humorous view of these offenders

These techniques will pave the way for a smooth and safer ride through the obstacle course of conflicts.

Navigating Up by Managing Your Boss

Do you have a boss who micro manages and nitpicks at everything you do?  Do you feel unappreciated and overworked?  Do you feel like you can't seem to get upper management support on special projects you've been assigned?  Then, it's time to get in the saddle and roar into action.  If you want your boss to treat you differently or change the way they work with you, you have to let them know what you need to be more successful.  You want more money, a promotion, the title to match the job, a day off, or deadline extension?  Well, you have to ask.  If you don't ask, you won't get.  This course will teach you how to:

    * Build the confidence you need to confront your leaders

    * Deliver a three-step process that will be sure to get their attention and take notice

    * Get the feedback you need to be successful at what you do best

    * Negotiate for the things you want and deserve

Successful people don't get where they are without taking action.  These new navigational tools will lead you in the direction to a more fulfilling life by doing something about what's important to you.


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