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Actress, Author & Radio Host; Columnist for the Washington Times

Janine Turner is brave. She is one of the very few, if not the only actress, who has been willing to risk her career and her celebrity endorsements to speak her mind about the state of the country and her desire to preserve its founding principles. Janine has used the celebrity status from her remarkable career as a three-time Golden Globe and Emmy nominee to become a highly sought after political public speaker. She has given hundreds of inspiring and thought provoking speeches to all ages and to all types of venues - from elementary schools to American Universities, from republican events, such as the Republican National Convention, to tea-party rallies, from the Boy Scouts to Adult Leadership Conferences. Janine is founder and co-chair of Constituting America which uses a multi-tiered approach to affect the culture, and along with her radio show, her published columns, (The Washington Times, The Washington Examiner) and her regular appearances on Fox News, Janine’s sharp political analysis is in high demand. Janine recently debated a democrat on the O’Reilly Factor every Friday for a year and is a regular pundit for Fox News and a favorite of Stuart Varney’s show, Varney & Company.

Janine is a two time published author and her most recent book, A Little Bit Vulnerable, (Dunham Books), includes her essays on the Federalist Papers, a collection of her published opinion-editorials, her radio show interviews with political figures and her popular petition, The Truth Act – an outline to reduce the page numbers of federally legislated bills. She has co-authored an intriguing corresponding white paper on the topic for Constituting America which provides fascinating statistics on the history of the United States Congress’ bills. Whether it’s Janine’s keen current application of the founding documents or a timely inspirational political perspective, Janine Turner delivers.

"While Janine is a very successful and well known actor, I believe that she is a better speaker than actor. When she was acting, she was portraying someone else's words, thoughts and actions, but when speaking Janine is expressing her own ideas and thoughts, which are eloquent, energetic, and inspirational" Chris Joiner - President Accordias Healthcare Services LLC.

Oh, and it must be a generational thing: Janine is related to George Washington, is a daughter of the American Revolution, her greats fought in the Civil War and World World II, her father was a West Point Graduate and Air Force hero and her teenage daughter, Juliette, is the best selling published author, (Harper Collins Zondervan), of Our Constitution Rocks, used in classroom across America, and Our Presidents Rock.

Speech Topics

What Would Our Founding Fathers Think?

As the nation faces continued unemployment, global economic crises and continued national security threats, Americans appear to be more politically divided than ever. As a well-known constitutional champion and founder of the non-profit foundation, Constituting America, Janine Turner has appeared as a political pundit on FOX News, CNN and numerous national news programs to discuss America and its founding principles. A frequent contributor on Politico, FOX Opinion and The Daily Caller, Janine has written 90 essays on the U.S. Constitution and The Federalist Papers. Drawing on her constitutional research and knowledge, Janine poses the question, If our founding fathers returned to see the America of today, what would they think of the direction in which our country is headed? And what can each one of us do to uphold the U.S. Constitution and the freedoms it guarantees to all Americans?

Life on the Front Lines of the Culture Wars.

America is at a crossroads. As liberals and conservatives debate the future direction of our nation, many conservatives say Hollywood has glamorized and promoted a wide range of behaviors seen as detrimental to the nations moral and social fabric: From violence and profanity to graphic and gratuitous sexual content, Hollywood -- and its stable of politically active, liberal celebrities and producers -- has launched a frontal assault, conservatives say, on traditional American values. Janine Turner is no stranger to this battle. A celebrated TV and film actress ("Northern Exposure," "Friday Night Lights," "Cliffhanger," "Steel Magnolias"), Janine -- the proud daughter of a West Point graduate and Air Force pilot -- is one of the few celebrities to openly proclaim her conservative beliefs. Drawing on her own experiences, Janine discusses how her career has suffered as a result of her refusal to remain silent in the face of Hollywood's liberal monopoly, and offers her perspective on the current state of America's culture wars.

The U.S. Constitution: America's Guiding Principles.

Author, actress and constitutional champion Janine Turner has appeared on America's most popular national news shows to discuss current affairs, politics and the resurgence of interest in the U.S. Constitution and Americas founding principles. As the founder of the non-profit foundation, Constituting America, Janine has launched a national initiative aimed at engaging America's youth and citizens in learning about the Constitution. She has written scores of essays, blogs and commentaries, both on this cherished document as well as The Federalist Papers. Drawing on her constitutional knowledge and research, Janine discusses what everyday Americans can do to embrace and support the Constitution today.

Ten Steps to Triumph.

As a top model and celebrated TV and film actress ("Northern Exposure," "Friday Night Lights," "Steel Magnolias"), Janine Turner has amassed an impressive list of screen credits while expanding her career as an author ("Holding Her Head High"), radio host and founder of the non-profit foundation, Constituting America. A Wilhelmina model at 15 and a Hollywood actress at 17, Janine began her career at an early age. But success didn't come easily. Along the way, Janine faced numerous obstacles, including the cut-throat competition and repeated rejections for which Hollywood is renowned. In fact, Janine recalls being down to her last $8 when she won the lead role in the acclaimed television series "Northern Exposure." She even once calculated that on her way up the Hollywood career ladder, she received 10,000 "No's" before achieving success. In this motivational presentation, Janine draws on her own experiences to outline the "10 Steps to Triumph" and how each of us can define our destiny, turn tribulations into triumphs and persevere with praise.

Finding the Joy in Single Parenthood.

Actress and author Janine Turner is best known for her roles on "Northern Exposure," "Friday Night Lights" and in movies like "Steel Magnolias" and "Cliffhanger." But Janine's most challenging -- and rewarding -- role is undoubtedly being a single parent to her daughter, Juliette. Drawing on her Washington Post best-selling book, "Holding Her Head High: 12 Single Mothers Who Championed Their Children and Changed History," and her own personal experiences, Janine recounts the struggles of juggling her multiple careers as an actress, teacher, author and radio host while running a working ranch and raising her daughter. It's a struggle with which millions of single parents can relate, and with humor and enthusiasm Janine shares her secrets for finding the joy of single parenting amid the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Keeping the Faith in Troubled Times.

As an actress, author and political commentator, Janine Turner would seem to have it all. Yet like all Americans, Janine has struggled with both inner demons and external forces throughout her life. From the highly competitive world of professional modeling to life in the Hollywood fast lane to single motherhood, Janine has relied upon her strong Christian faith to strengthen her resolve in troubled times. Janine has shared her message of hope and faith with numerous churches and faith-based organizations, and in this presentation she shares stories from her own life as well as the spiritual lessons that have comforted and sustained her.

Alcoholism is Ancient.

Millions of Americans struggle with drug and alcohol dependency. At a time when a faltering economy, high unemployment and national security threats heighten the stress and anxiety felt by many Americans, substance abuse issues can become more prevalent, causing individuals to spiral out of control, destroying lives and families through a never-ending cycle of dysfunction, denial and violence. Yet substance abuse is by no means a modern problem. Passages from the Bible recount the destructive influence alcohol can have on a person's ability to maintain healthy, loving relationships. As a recovering alcoholic with two decades of sobriety, Janine Turner discusses her own battle with alcoholism while sharing a powerful and inspiring message of hope and faith that substance abuse can be successfully conquered.

Women's Health Issues.

Actress, author and radio show host Janine Turner has given numerous speeches on a variety of health issues that affect women, including breast cancer and substance abuse. A former ballet dancer and apprentice to the Fort Worth Ballet, Janine's success in the modeling and acting fields came hand in hand with tremendous pressures to be extremely thin. She has also struggled with alcoholism. Drawing on her own experiences -- including her practice of Christian yoga, or "Christoga" -- Janine moves, motivates and inspires audiences with her personal stories and heartfelt strategies for achieving physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.


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