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The Gen Y Guy & Chief Strategy Officer at The Center for Generational Kinetics

Jason Dorsey is a pioneering Gen Z, Millennial, and generations speaker and researcher. He is on a mission to separate generational myth from truth to solve generational challenges for leaders.

Jason has received more than 1,000 standing ovations for his unique presentations. He’s headlined events around the world, from India, Singapore and Switzerland to Chile and Finland, the UK, and France. Jason has appeared as a generational expert on more than 200 TV shows such as 60 Minutes, 20/20, CNN, CNBC, The Early Show, The Today Show, along with hundreds more media interviews, including a New York Times cover story. Adweek calls him a “research guru.”

Jason is President of The Center for Generational Kinetics (CGK), the leading generational research, strategy, and consulting firm. CGK works with more than 100 clients annually to solve tough generational challenges—in areas from—sales and marketing to recruiting and innovation. CGK’s PhD-led team has now conducted more than 65 generational studies on four continents in multiple languages. Jason and his team have repositioned global brands to win each generation. They’ve advised on multi-billion-dollar acquisitions and taken clients from last to first in both employee retention and customer growth.

Speech Topics

MILLENNIALS @ WORK - How Millennial and Gen Y Employees Can Grow Your Business

Millennials, also known as Gen Y, are the fastest-growing generation in the workforce today. Along with timely skills and valuable ambition, they bring a unique workplace mindset that can frustrate the most experienced leaders and managers. You may have seen this in everything from Gen Y texting at work, to their definition of “business casual”—even if they have several advanced degrees.

In Millennials @ Work, bestselling Millennials author Jason Dorsey reveals new generational truths about Millennials and Gen Y that directly determine their workplace performance. He separates stereotypes from real research, and provides specific strategies that can dramatically improve your Gen Y recruiting, retention, motivation and much more.

INSIDER SECRETS FOR SELLING TO MILLENNIALS AND GEN Y - Strategies To Get Millennials To Buy Now–and tell their friends

Millennial consumers are not the future. Millennials are the present.

With $1.3 trillion to spend this year in the U.S. alone, Millennials–also known as Gen Y–will outspend Baby Boomers in 2017. Millennials have the least established brand loyalty, most pent-up purchasing demand and buy differently than any previous generation. Simply put, Millennials are the future of almost every company.

In this solution-packed program, bestselling Millennials author Jason Dorsey reveals exactly how to sell and market to Gen Y and millennials from the perspective of an insider. He shares the latest research and proven strategies, while debunking costly myths. This program delivers step-by-step actions proven to drive Millennials sales now and into the future.

CROSSING THE GENERATIONAL DIVIDE - Unlock The Power Of Generations To Grow Your Business

We work in a time of unprecedented generational change. Four generations in the workforce. Five generations in the marketplace. Strategies that work for one generation can be complete turn-offs for others. This divide is a costly challenge or breakthrough opportunity, depending entirely how you and your leaders respond.

In Crossing the Generational Divide, bestselling author Jason Dorsey exposes new generational truths that directly impact the success or failure of leaders and organizations. He shares surprising research, emerging trends and specific actions that lead to measurable results.


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