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U.S. Navy SEAL Veteran; Expert on Leadership, Mindset & Teamwork; NY Times Bestselling Author

Retired Navy SEAL Lieutenant Jason Redman electrifies audiences with his high energy presentations on leadership, failure, redemption, catastrophic injury and his breathtaking journey to overcome all. Redman spent 10 years as an enlisted Navy SEAL and ten years as a SEAL Officer leading SEAL teams in combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Redman is an expert in helping individuals, companies, teams and organizations implement lasting change after experiencing failure, crisis and adversity from having lived through all these things at the highest level in his Navy SEAL career. From failure as a young leader and almost being kicked out of the SEAL Teams, to redemption and leading teams in intense combat operations in Iraq, to being shot 8 times including a round to the face, Redman has lived the OVERCOME MINDSET he teaches. He has done an incredible job of taking these lessons learned and making them relatable to teams, businesses and organizations around the world. As Redman says, "These are not SEAL lessons, these are human lessons!"

Your team will walk away with a new perspective and understanding that there are no bad days, only good days and great days. Your team will learn the Pointman principles – the key lessons SEAL leaders use to ensure mission success balanced against risk mitigation and catastrophic events. They will understand how to build elite-performance teams comprised of multi-dimensional leaders. Redman teaches individuals, companies and teams how to overcome failure, setbacks and catastrophic crisis through his incredible presentations on life ambushes and his proven, "Get off the X" methodology to not only survive the crisis but thrive and launch from it! Redman delivers riveting keynote presentations and is available for half-day, full and multi-day workshops on leadership and implementing long term change.

Redman is the New York Times bestselling author of “The Trident, The Forging and Reforging of a Navy SEAL Leader” and has appeared on multiple national news networks including Fox News, CBS, CNN, and CBN. He has appeared almost a dozen times on Fox and Friends along with the Huckabee show. Redman has been featured in multiple documentaries including History Channel's “Navy SEALs, America's Secret Warriors.” Additionally, Redman is an actor playing the lead role in The Perfect Day film and a supporting character on an episode of “Hawaii 5-0.”

Speech Topics

Delivered from the Furnace

TOPICS INCLUDE: • Jason’s story and miracle moment on the battlefield • An historical discussion of past and present-day miracles • The evolution of faith

ADDITIONAL OPTION: • Pentagon of Peak Performance (Spiritual Leadership)

The audience will leave with: • A better understanding and appreciation of modern-day miracles • The knowledge that we each have our own journey with faith and for some that comes with spiritual turbulence along the way

The Trident: The Forging & Reforging of a Navy SEAL

TOPICS INCLUDE: • The story of Jason’s NY Times bestselling book The Trident • Jason’s leadership failure and plight for redemption • Jason’s catastrophic injury and road to recovery • Jason, Erica (The Long Haired Admiral) and the Redman family’s journey

The audience will leave with: • Inspiration and motivation from one of America’s great heroes • Leadership lessons of the Navy SEALs • A love story

Will You Be Ready?

TOPIC INCLUDE: • Ambushes • Get off X • REACT Methodology • Pentagon of Peak Performance

The audience will leave with: • A mindset of planning for the best but being prepared for the worst • How to adapt to overcome adversity and quickly assess a crisis situation, identify a solution and move out of the crisis and execute • Defining and maintaining balance as a leader in five key areas of life through the Pentagon of Peak Performance • How to create more balance in everyday life through proven productivity tools

Pointman for Life

TOPICS INCLUDE: • Mission/Values • Destination & Course • Risk Assessment & Indicators • Overcome Mindset to Get off X • REACT

The audience will leave with: • A plan for setting long- and short-term goals with a path to a clearly defined mission • Professional, personal and leadership situational awareness and risk-assessment tools • The ability to REACT and quickly Get off the X! (X being the point of attack, crisis or sticking point) when necessary and continue moving the needle in life

Get off the X and LEARN to LEAD

TOPICS INCLUDE: • Get off X • REACT Methodology • LEARN to Lead and the 3 Rules of Leadership • Leadership Fence ADDITIONAL OPTIONS: • Goal Setting • Teamwork • Pentagon of Peak Performance • 3 Ps

The audience will leave with: • A clear understanding how to assess a crisis and develop a plan to move from it • Tools to quickly and effectively motivate and communicate to their teams to lead them to a point of success and confidence • Jason’s REACT method to move through a change or point of adversity • Techniques to make stronger leaders and teams • Individual leadership balance

The Flame of American Freedom: The Unknown Warrior

The audience will leave with:

  • A vivid understanding of the excitement and chaos of modern-day combat
  • A riveting story of heroism, severe injury and recovery
  • A walk through American military history highlighting the achievements and successes
  • of American military men and women on battlefields around the world
  • A vivid story and analogy of America's Freedom represented by a flame that is carried by all American citizens and warriors and how our actions have the power to feed or snuff out this flame of Freedom

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Lead Always and Overcome All

The audience will leave with:

  • A clear understanding of the foundation of leading ourselves first
  • Tools to effectively lead others
  • Techniques to create a legacy of leadership
  • Understanding of the negative and positive impacts credibility has on leadership
  • A deep understanding of the levels of leadership and communication to be a more
  • effective multi-dimensional leader
  • The audience will understand how to create a strong Overcome Mindset, enact change to
  • overcome adversity and recognize when they are stuck in an unexpected crisis situation
  • how to quickly assess, identify a solution to move to and execute through Jason's "Get off
  • the X" methodology
  • The power of attitude to determine the outcome of any situation
  • The ability to quickly adapt to unpredicted and uncontrollable situations

Six Tenets of Success

The audience will leave with:

  • Techniques to build a relentless resilient mind – The Overcome Mindset.
  • A clear understanding how to manage stress through proven techniques used by Navy SEALs to overcome adversity
  • Tools to be a more effective leader through three rules of leadership that will increase productivity in themselves and their teams
  • Techniques to be more efficient as a team leading to less meetings and more goals achieved
  • The importance of building the right teams and keeping the right team members
  • How to have create a positive mindset in negative situations
  • An Understanding of how to create balance as a leader to be more effective and efficient and more prepared for adversity and crisis
  • A new perspective on how they view the world around them - recognizing the difference between a true "Bad Day" and a schedule disruption

Five Principles of Elite Performance

This is the original presentation Jason Redman created based off the principles learned throughout his 21-year SEAL career that enabled himself and his Team to find success in some of the most chaotic and overwhelming situations imaginable. Teams and Organizations alike request this presentation over and over and Jason has delivered this presentation almost 100 times.

Will you be Ready

Jason Redman has taken 30 years of Navy SEAL leadership tactics and business experience and applied combat ambush survival techniques to the battlefield of business. His proven "Get off the X" methodology is guaranteed to get companies and individuals past failure or crisis and through change faster than they ever could have imagined. The Will you Ready presentation is built around the principles Jason outlines and describes in his new book, Overcome.

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Navy SEAL who survived 37 surgeries tells tale of redemption and ...
Former Navy SEAL and Army Ranger Jason Redman's motto is "Lead always and overcome all." Those words became a way of life for the soldier-turned- author ...

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