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Science Ambassador & Author

JD Stillwater is a Cornell-educated science ambassador and author who writes and speaks about insights from science, insights that drive paradigm shifts and cultural awakening. Stillwater specializes in making difficult concepts graspable for non-scientists. After a 24-year teaching career, Stillwater shares the awe, wonder, and spiritual depth he experiences in the findings of science with a global audience.

Stillwater serves in leadership of several non-profits related to science and religion, and promotes science as an interfaith source of inspiration and spiritual enrichment.

In 1986, Stillwater walked from Los Angeles to Washington DC with the Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament, then from Leningrad to Moscow the following year. He has spent time in all 50 U.S. states and 19 other nations.

Stillwater is an accomplished percussionist, a retired home builder, a retired summer-camp director, a woodworker, and an avid carbon-footprint reducer. Stillwater’s other interests include hiking, poetry, drum circles, travel, a good belly laugh so hard you can’t breathe, managing money, video editing, eating cheesecake, connecting people, and reading science magazines.

Speech Topics

Seven Candles: Science for a Deeper Spirituality

Seven profound insights from mainstream science

Science Revelations: Repairing Ourselves and the World

Insights from science address the question, “What does the world need now?”

One Song: the Science of Unity

Science reveals the deep interconnectedness of all things

Interrogating Our Inheritance

Cultural dysfunction, epigenetics, and intergenerational trauma

Befriending the Thief

The role of death in nature, and its lessons for us

Complementarity: Quantum Physics and the End of Dogma

Complexity, ambiguity, and the costs of binary thinking

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This is Not My Beautiful House (Stewardship, ownership, and the myth of security)

The Great Turning: Stories and Music to Inspire Cultural Shift (Science ambassador JD Stillwater teams up with award-winning songwriter Darryl Purpose for an evening of live music, science, revolutionary love, and inspiration, to re-imagine and repair our world.)

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