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Humorist, Former Miss Congeniality & Professional Speaker; Featured on the Sirius XM Comedy Channel

Other speakers might be as witty as Jeanne Robertson. Some might even be as tall (Barefooted with her hair "mashed" down, she's 6'2" in her size 11B stocking feet). But nowhere will you find a speaker so adept at turning personal experiences into funny material that does more than elicit laughter. This Miss Congeniality winner in the Miss America Pageant, “Yearrrrrrrrrrrs ago,” quoting Robertson, uses her down-home Southern drawl to leave her audiences laughing...and thinking about her message.

Robertson's success as a humorist has not gone unnoticed by her peers. She has been awarded every top honor in her profession including the top award in professional speaking, "The Cavett Award." She is also a member of the Speakers Hall of Fame and recipient of Toastmasters International's Golden Gavel award. They like her back home too. The NC Press Association named Robertson its 2001 North Carolinian of the Year. Most recently, the National Speakers Association honored her with its 2012 Master of Influence Award.

You may have seen this Hall of Fame speaker being interviewed by CBS correspondent Morley Safer on 60 Minutes; or watched one of the seven humor DVDs she has produced in the last 14 years; or heard her daily on Sirius/XM Radio’s Family Comedy Channels; or attended one of the "Just Jeanne" humor shows in theaters across the country; or seen her YouTube clips that have had more than 18million hits. But only if you've seen Robertson in person at one of the thousands of speeches or theater shows she has given over the past 49 years can you really appreciate why she stands at the top of her profession.

Jeanne Robertson is funny. Oh my, yes. She also knows that her job is far more than being funny. Her message is that a sense of humor is an attitude, an approach toward working with people. She believes that this humor attitude can be developed and improved, and she outlines how to do so while captivating audiences with funny, original stories.

With the numerous challenges your organization is facing today, a sense of humor might be just the edge your people need. Whether you ask Robertson to tie her topic of humor into issues of leadership, change, customer service, team building, technology, life balance, aging, diversity or people skills, she can do it because she believes that a sense of humor plays an important role in all areas. Your people will laugh and learn as they gain a fresh perspective on using a sense of humor as part of a strategy for success.

Speech Topics

Humor: More Than a Laughing Matter

In her positively hilarious style, 6' 2" Jeanne Robertson soars to new heights while discussing the differences between being funny and possessing a sense of humor, learning to laugh at yourself and accepting things that can't be changed. You will hold your sides and wipe tears of laughter from your eyes as Jeanne relates original stories based on her life experiences.

Humor: A Strategy for Success

In this step-by-step presentation, Jeanne helps audiences learn how to develop a sense of humor, which according to her is a choice in how you go about living. She explains the dynamics of humor, challenging audiences to laugh at themselves, look for the humor in everyday situations, create their own humor and influence others to do the same, relieve stress through humor and take humor breaks. As she relates her original, funny tales, Jeanne helps people develop a refreshing new approach to humor and the magic it works in our daily lives.

Here He Is…Mr. Meeting!

Pure fun with a little message! Jeanne reaches into her big bag of original material and pulls out just the right stories for each audience and situation. An old fashion "after-dinner talk" that can be used in a variety of meeting slots. Not comedy. Hilarious humor that illustrates a point.


Humorist Jeanne Robertson draws stories from her life

Jeanne Robertson received some good-natured ribbing from other humorists about a recent broken femur that caused her to reschedule 26 concerts. “ Everyone ...

Comedian Plans Huge SURPRISE For Grandson Who Learns Cursive

Jeanne Robertson's done it again with her hilarious conversation with her grandson. And when you hear HOW she convinces him to learn cursive you'll have to laugh.

Granny’s Gone Viral: Jeanne Robertson Is Contagious!

Jeanne Robertson is contagious-contagiously funny! When this 6-foot-2-inch-former Miss North Carolina (50 years ago!) was told she’d gone viral (on YouTube), she joked, “I don’t think so, I’ve had all my shots?!” But the metaphor is fitting, y’all: I spoke with a long Southern drawl for a good two weeks after our first encounter, which raised more than a few eyebrows in my state of Wisconsin.

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