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Fashion Correspondent Known for "The Real" & "How Do I Look?", Two-Time NAACP Image Awards and Daytime Emmy Award Winner

Jeannie Mai is an American television personality, stylist, and talk-show host. She is best known for "How Do I Look?", USA's "Character Fantasy," and the syndicated talk show "The Real." As a fashion expert, she is frequently featured on numerous television programs and networks such as NBC's Today Show on the "Fashion Tips Today" segment, Extra TV, Entertainment Tonight, Insider and E! Entertainment as well as the Miss Universe pageant. She is currently a sideline reporter on Holey Moley on ABC.

She runs a style blog on She has won two NAACP Image Awards and one Daytime Emmy Award.

Mai is competing in season 29 of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars."

Speech Topics

The Power of Fashion, in Life & at Work

Jeannie Mai's main goal in all she does it helping others reach their potential. Oftentimes she sees that people are held back by fashion, especially in their careers. For this reason, she strives to educate women and men on how they can empower themselves through their wardrobe and dress for the career they want, not the career they have. In this inspiring speech, Mai - a board member for Dress for Success - shares unique situations from her show on Style Network, How Do I Look?, to describe the power of fashion in leading a successful life, urging audiences to harness that power in their own careers.

Career: Finding It & Building It

As a self-made television personality and spokesperson, keynote speaker Jeannie Mai discovered her natural joy to motivate others and celebrate people's passions at a young age. Realizing the need for a bigger movement to create confidence within women, Mai travels the globe to share her rmotivational message with students, mothers, and women in transition. In this talk, she will help audiences not only identify their passion, but also guide them in how to make the right moves to achieve their career goals.

Female Empowerment

Jeannie Mai firmly believes femininity is the most powerful quality a woman can have in the world. From teaching women to take an appreciating look at the way they speak, move, walk, think, and react to embracing all the situations in life that have brought them to become the woman they are now, Mai strives to makes every woman feel worthy. In this talk, she shares personal situations that taught her to change her perspectives to become more influential and powerful, and also humbling moments in life that has become the foundation for the woman she has become.

Asian American Pride

Asian American speaker Jeannie Mai tries to be a positive role model for the community whenever possible. Instilled with values from her heritage, she understands what it is like to sometimes feel like an outsider in American culture. Excited to be part of a world where diversity is becoming more widespread and celebrated in the workforce, she is an active supporter of the Asian Professional Exchange (APEX), which brings together Asian American professions to encourage and empower them to reach their dreams. In this inspiring speech, she outlines her personal success story, encouraging Asian Americans to pursue their dreams and celebrate their heritage.

Pray It Forward: Faith & Spirituality

Keynote speaker Jeannie Mai fully attributes her focus and success in life to the principles she's learned through her faith. As a liberal Christian, she shares an open-minded perspective on the biblical values practiced in today's world. Mai - who does not take an evangelical stance on any specific denomination - draws upon her actions and everyday choices in this speech, intimately sharing why, after certain experiences and realizations, she has chosen the faith that guides her today.


Jeannie Mai is making Pinays over–for personal style, not just fashion

Taking on executive producer duties as well this time around, the loquacious Jeannie, an American with Vietnamese-Chinese roots, charmed media guests with her candor and had them laughing with her self-deprecating humor.

Jeannie Mai is looking good

The second season of How Do I Look? Asia has the Asian American celebrity at the helm. Tahir Alhamzah has the story THERE is no doubt that Jeannie Mai is hardworking. She travelled from the US to Singapore to film the entire Season 2 of the upcoming How Do I Look? Asia, and spent 12 consecutive days to shoot eight episodes of the show.

How Do I Look? host Jeannie Mai says Asian women most self-critical about their bodies

SINGAPORE: Jeannie Mai, the outspoken host of two successful TV shows, feels she has had to break out of Asian stereotypes in her pursuit of success. In an interview with Channel NewsAsia, the Asian-American style guru, who rose to fame presenting 11 seasons of makeover show How Do I Look?

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