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Jeannine Walston      

Brain Tumor Survivor, Motivational Speaker, Advocate, Founder & CEO of Integrative Cancer Care for the Whole Person & Healing Focus

An accomplished speaker, respected expert, and brain tumor survivor, Jeannine Walston has received praise from New York Times best-sellers, practitioners, advocates, patients, caregivers, and film industry experts. Her passionate speeches inspire audiences with motivation.

In 1998, at age 24, Walston was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Her treatments included three awake brain surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy, and clinical trials. Since her life-changing event, Walston has developed expertise about cancer, integrative cancer care for the whole person, and integrative health and wellness. She created her business: Integrative Cancer Care for the Whole Person as well as Healing Focus.

Before her diagnosis, she worked in the U.S. Congress in Washington, DC, with plans for law school. Instead, Walston ultimately joined the cancer arena, with work for cancer non-profits, the Food and Drug Administration’s Patient Consultant Program, the National Cancer Institute Cooperative Group, and the National Institutes of Health National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Clearinghouse.

A trailblazer, aspiring to reach many and create a profound impact, Walston continues to receive accolades. She is Los Angeles based, and works nationally as an inspirational and motivational speaker.

Speech Topics

How to Discover Personal Wellbeing and a Unique Calling in Life

This speech designed for any audience will inspire and empower listeners toward greater well-being and their unique calling in life. Jeannine shares her story to explain challenges can be a catalyst for meaningful benefits. Whether it’s related to health, or other aspects of life, specific challenges can become opportunities, and adversity can be transformed into inspiring actions. Tips and tools will be featured to help people find their meaning and purpose in life.

Integrative Cancer Care Improves Quality of Life, Survival, and Cancer Prevention

Statistics demonstrate that integrative cancer care improves quality of life, cancer survival, and cancer prevention. That includes approaches to address the whole person with the physical body, mind-body connection, spiritual vitality, social support, and a cleaner environment. This presentation shares Jeannine’s brain tumor story, information on integrative cancer care, as well as optimal health and healing for people with or without cancer.

Tend to More than Cancer with Patients as People for Resilience

This presentation designed for professionals, people affected by cancer, and/or advocates focuses on how the cancer care system can foster patient-centered care to encompass the whole person. Too often, people with cancer are only given attention to their disease. Essential approaches must incorporate patients as people, addressing improved relationships and individualized needs. Information will educate and inspire people in the audience how to enlighten quality cancer care through cancer, communication, and compassion using new strategies and ways for resilience.

Awakening to Life Through a Brain Tumor

Diagnosed with a brain tumor at age 24 in 1998, Jeannine’s odyssey through diagnosis, first awake brain surgery, a recurrence, hundreds of integrative therapies, two more awake brain surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy, immunotherapy dendritic cell vaccine, and tremendous healing along the way has been a journey of awakening. Jeannine’s story, including navigating the cancer care system, serving as her advocate, addressing crossroads between life and death, and trusting herself in the process has been one of intense self-discovery and liberation. This presentation focuses on Jeannine’s story highlighting her major insights about awakening into life.

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