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Jeff Blackman    

Nicknamed "The Business Growth Specialist," Author and Member of the Speaker Hall of Fame

To win big, call Jeff Blackman, CSP- international speaker, author, lawyer, and broadcaster. Unique, humorous, and creative, Jeff maximizes your performance, productivity, and profitability. His customized programs on sales/ marketing, negotiations, service, inspiration, leadership and change help you outdistance compeition and reach new levels of unprecedented success!

Jeff Blackmans clients call him, a "business-growth specialist." For example, Jeff's customized "Referrals: Your Road to Results" learning system, in its first 23 months...has helped one client...generate new referral business...of $230 million!

As a speaker, author, success coach, broadcaster and lawyer...Jeff combines his background to help you even more powerful, persuasive and profitable...individual, team or company.

As a radio and TV talk-show host, some of Jeff's guests have been; Oprah Winfrey, Ted Koppel, Jerry Seinfeld, Marcel Marceau, astronaut Jim Lovell and Olympic gold medalists Bruce Jenner and Dan Jansen.

Jeff is a Contributing Editor to numerous magazines and newspapers. His sales/quotation book, Opportunity $elling, (the second edition, was released by Prosperity Press.) And Victory Books, also released the second edition of Jeff's Peak Your Profits. It was also published in Malaysia and Singapore, and was selected by Fast one of "the best business."

As an audio-author, Jeff's results-oriented strategies were featured on Nightingale-Conant's cassette program Sound Selling. And, POPP Publishing released and distributes Jeff's new audio-CD business-growth system: Opportunity $elling - Six Profit-Producing Steps to Multiply Your Earnings. Jeff has also written and hosts two video learning-systems published by JWA Video; Profitable Customer Service and How to Set and Really Achieve Your Goals. All of these programs, are distributed worldwide.


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Speech Topics

Potential focus areas

Heres a brief sampling of some of the keynote/seminar topics offered by Jeff. Each program or learning system can also include customized learning materials, audio CDs and video DVDs, books, train-the-trainer manuals, etc. Also, a topic should never be considered an entity by itself. Many are combined to create a total body of knowledge or learning-system for a two or three day event or a learning system over time.

Opportunity $elling/Your Path to Profit

  • Nothing happens 'til somebody sells something. This "how-to" program helps sales professionals realize that everything they touch...can turn to sold!

RESULT$: The Name of the Game OR Peak Your Profits

  • In this high-energy, interactive and information-loaded results-session, Jeff shows you how to skillfully convert obstacles into opportunities, results and profits. He helps you turn upheaval to upswing. Immediately!

The Customer Commitment

  • Customers are the lifeblood of your business. They pay your salary! You'll learn how to maximize every customer contact to promote loyalty and profitability.

Negotiating Know How - The Power of Yes

  • As a lawyer and businessperson, Jeff approaches this crucial business skill from both a legal and practical perspective. Your ability to get a yes, professionally and personally will influence the course of your life.

Referrals: Your Road to Results!

  • Referrals are an untapped market. Without them, youre innocently bypassing millions of dollars in potential business. Theyre leads with virtually no acquisition cost. And all you have to do, is ask!

Change: Capsize or Capitalize

  • The old way may not be the only way...since it may blind you to new ideas, solutions and opportunities. Knowing how to handle change can open your floodgates to new levels of prosperity and achievement.

Marketing Magic

  • The purpose of marketing is simpleto generate results and increase sales. Period! Jeff removes the myths and helps you master the magic!

Manage, Move & Motivate

  • Winning managers or leadersknow that to boost quality, productivity and performance...leadership is a verb, not a noun!

Creating your own TV Telecast

  • Jeff combines his background as an international speaker, lawyer, author and broadcast personalityto turn the typical panel discussion, symposium or moderated program into a lively, fast-paced information exchange.

Personal Success Coaching

  • Great achievers share something in common and thats a coach or a mentor. Even basketball superstar Michael Jordan, had coach Phil Jackson! Together, they won six NBA championships. Now, you too, can take your business and lifeto new championship levelswith Jeff as your personal success coach.

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