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Jeff Fromm    

President of FutureCast & Author

Jeff Fromm is a subject matter expert and professional speaker on consumer trends, marketing and innovation. He has keynoted over 500 times all over the world – well not Antarctica.

He is a contributing writer for Forbes and co-author of three books: Marketing to Millennials, Millennials with Kids as well as Marketing to Gen Z.

Jeff is president of FutureCast, a consumer trends consultancy that is a division of ad agency Barkley. While others talk about trends, Jeff and his partners are applying trends to create marketing and innovation best practices. His humorous stories and provocative new strategy paradigms are supported by hard research and real client profit growth.

Jeff has more than 25 years of brand marketing consulting experience. He serves on the Board of Directors at Three Dog Bakery and Tickets for Less.

Jeff graduated from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and attended The London School of Economics.

Speech Topics

Driving Profits with Gen X & Baby Boomers Through Trends Started by Millennials & Gen Z

Jeff examines and dissects how the youth culture of today is directly influencing the attitudes and purchasing decisions of older generations.

Today’s consumers have new expectations. They are hyper- connected, content-consuming and more likely to bypass traditional forms of marketing and listen to their peers. Do you know how to find your next profit opportunity?

Attendees will take home new tools to identify and then capitalize on profit driving trends with tangible examples and “how to” ideas shared.

Establish the Workforce and Culture You Deserve!

Your external brand is only as strong as your internal culture. 83% of managers are Millennials, and this cohort already accounts for the largest generation of employees, surpassing both Boomers and Gen X.

Jeff & his business partner, Amy Gwin, will lead a provocative presentation showcasing new employee engagement frameworks, taking the audience through a “mapping exercise” to help evolve today’s internal cultures for tomorrow’s demanding workplace.

Discover how Millennial and Gen Z employees approach collaboration, flexibility, and purpose, and have completely reinvented the values and environment of the modern workplace. Jeff and Amy will provide actionable insights to help brands understand how deeply this next-gen workforce will impact the future of how organizations and brands conduct business, both internally and externally.

Marketing to Gen Z: Tapping into Youth Culture Trends

Already one of the most powerful consumer forces in the market, Gen Z – born between 1996 & 2010 -- is driving a new era of empowered consumerism.

Understand how today’s teens and young adults are rewriting the rules for brand behavior through their “old school” values, new American pragmatism and desire to co-create the new rules of marketing.

Generation Z is a powerful consumer force in our market, with up to $143 billion in direct spending a year. Having internalized the lessons of the Great Recession, this generation blends the practicality and work ethic of older generations with the high ideals and digital prowess seen in youth culture. After looking at the unique characteristics of this cohort we call them -- Old Souls in Young BodiesTM.

Audiences will take home:

1) Key trends to watch 2) Six Mindsets that will drive “brand level profit performance” 3) Differences between Gen Z and other generations 4) The role innovation plays in creating ongoing value

How Modern Consumers are Fueling Changes in Dining & Snacking

Priorities and Millennial Values

Millennial Employees and Workplace Culture: The Evolution of Corporate

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Different--Generation of Influencers

Marketing to Gen Z: The Rules for Reaching This Vast--and Very

Frictionless Journey

The Millennial Mindset

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