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Dr. Jeff G. Konin    

Director of the Doctor of Athletic Training Degree at Florida International University & Director of the Global Initiative for Cannabinoid Research and Education

Dr. Konin is one of the world’s leading International speakers on “all things cannabis”. He holds the title of Clinical Professor at Florida International University in Miami Florida, USA, where he directs the Global Initiative for Cannabinoid Research & Education.

Dr. Konin is the editor of the 26 academic textbooks and has shared his expertise at professional presentations throughout the United States as well as in Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Norway, Romania, England, Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. He is a frequent invited speaker on the topic of cannabis and has shared his expertise with students at Duke University, University of Michigan, James Madison University, University of Georgia, University of Alabama, University of Rhode Island and others!

Dr. Konin’s engaging stage presence is well suited for keynote addresses, company strategic planning around human resources and cannabis policy, sports teams and leagues education and policy, high school and university social and cultural discussions, and professional development courses for health care and medical providers. His deliveries are also effective when given virtually, in podcasts and webinars, and through all forms of social media.

Dr. Konin is a US-Based Nationally Certified Athletic Trainer and Licensed Physical Therapist. He is a member of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) Hall of Fame, and he holds the highest title of “Fellow” in the NATA as well as in the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Research.

If you are looking for a presentation that is different from the aging “say no to drugs” theme you will not want to miss Dr. Konin’s approach to deliver a message that wakes up the audience to all things cannabis!

Speech Topics

2023 – Society & Cannabis

Have you wondered why there is sudden media frenzy surrounding the world’s fastest growing industry – cannabis? Why do countries, even states and provinces, differ on their legal views toward the legalization of cannabis? This enlightening presentation brings forth real world issues and the evolution of cannabis in society. This is the ideal presentation for a University student body to bring awareness to this movement.

Sports & Marijuana

Is cannabis a sports performance enhancer? What triggers a positive drug test? What are the side effects? Why are professional sports, Olympic organizations, and college athletics changing their policies on cannabis? This is the all-telling most up-to-date presentation that lays it out clearly for athletes wanting to know about the benefits and risks of cannabis use.

Marijuana and Teenagers

This presentation can be customized for both teenagers and those who work with and teach teens. By far one of the most interactive and engaging presentations that Dr. Konin delivers – a MUST for public secondary schools, private preparatory & boarding schools, boys and girls clubs, and all youth leadership organizations. Candid conversations are implemented to educate everyone about the real impact of marijuana use.

What is Vaping All About

Another powerful presentation delivered by Dr. Konin as he demonstrates how the chemicals in vaping cartridges in addition to marijuana & nicotine cause havoc on one’s airway and lungs. The attraction of the vaping craze has taught is not overlooked with all of the damaging side effects on one’s body! THE perfect presentation for any high school class!

Marijuana: Fact, Fiction, and Fate

Marijuana is known around the world by so many names – Weed, Mary Jane, Ganja”. Despite centuries of existence, there remains a stigma surrounding the dangers of this plant. Is the stigma justified? This is THE presentation that you will want to hear to separate fact versus fiction. Regardless of your existing beliefs and regardless of what you do for a living, you will walk away with a different perspective. Don’t be left behind – learn why this has become such a popular topic of discussion.

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