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Jeff Gee  

Customer Service & Employee Performance Expert

With his very British accent and sense of humor, Jeff Gee provokes the audience and makes them laugh all at the same time. No subject is off limits. Every aspect of work is uncovered and poked. His popularity comes from his ability to entertain and enlighten. His approach to business advocates infusing the joy of working with the joy of living.

Since 1985, Jeff’s learning organization has been instrumental in creating corporate universities for clients including GE, Motorola, and Snap-On. His Super Service™ curriculum has been revered as “absolutely amazing” and “one of the best” by such companies as Underwriters Laboratories, Computer Associate, HSBC, McDonalds and Pepsi.

Delivering over 60 live events a year worldwide, Jeff flies so much he’s now an Aadvantage Titanium Kevlar Bentley awards member. Through keynote speeches, courses and online learning, Jeff helps corporations maximize their greatest asset… their people. He challenges participants to be accountable for excellence.

Featured on major television networks including ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS, Jeff Gee has shared his expertise and knowledge of NLP, emotional Intelligence, leadership, sales, communication and performance with millions of viewers. A published author with McGraw-Hill, Fortune 500 companies has used him to motivate and invigorate their workforces.

When Jeff Gee is not inspiring his audience, he’s hanging out with his family, friends and his lovely wife of 47 years.


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Speech Topics

Most Requested Topics

  • Collaboration: After listening to Jeff talk about collaboration, people will have a willingness to work together for good of the customer. They will create trust by learning a common ground from which to respect and build sustainable, lasting relationships.

  • Super Service: Puts responsibility for action, attitude and achievement into the hands of each individual so they are never at the mercy of customers, internal or external. After listening to Jeff, they will fire up to be their personal best from Monday to Friday.

  • Selling Skills: As Jeff sells over a million dollars in services every year, his consultative sales approach to understanding how customers needs and products/services fit the solution, results in an increase in sales for every business venture.

  • Team Leading: Create excitement for people who want to be the first to take action, make the call or contact, follow through on what has been committed to, be the best no matter what, and accept responsibility.

  • Understanding People: This revealing keynote encourages people to communicate for understanding and teaches them how to influence customers (internal and external) by talking to them in a way that ensures they will be heard and take action.

  • Telephone Skills: Every telephone call is a sales opportunity, this keynote speech teaches how to share information, build relationships, and learn how to service the needs of customers in the most economical and profitable method possible.

  • Communication Skills: At the heart of every successful company is the ability to communicate. Jeff has monthly on-going contracts with large companies to consult with them on specific communication skills that not only make the workplace more productivethey actually enhance bottom line results.

  • Competitive Sales Strategies: As a sales person himself, Jeff often has to use the same Competitive Sales Strategies that he teaches. Handling competition effectively is a skill Jeff has honed over the past 30 years of his sales career.

  • Time Management: Jeff talks about time management in a different way from most programshe doesnt necessarily use all the most technical gadgetshe is always on time. Learn his secrets to using time so effectively!

  • Developing/Managing Quality People: as a business owner himself, Jeff has developed and managed quality people all his life. His way of teaching not only inspires people to be their bestthey learn skills and acquire the knowledge and confidence to be outstanding.

  • Stress Strategies: Managing stress is one of the most powerful attributes for a person to have. In this program, Jeff talks about many techniques that relieve stress and support people in living a joy-filled life.

  • Humor in the Workplace: On meeting Jeff, people usually comment that he is the funniest person they have ever known. His humor has created the successful business that McNeil & Johnson continues to belearn his secrets for combining laughter and business and producing a million dollar company.

  • Leadership: to be a leader you have to be a follower. Many people in leadership roles do not understand that the qualities of leadership can be learned. Yes, for some it comes more naturally than for othersthe skills however are all easily transferablelearn how with Jeff!

  • Structured Interviewing Skills: Building competency programs for people to effectively interview and recruit staff has been part of McNeil & Johnsons history of success. Learn how to uncover a prospective employees past in a way that provides clues to their future success within the company.


Super Service

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