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Jeffrey Magee  

Recently bestowed with the “US Medal of Freedom and Victory” by President George Bush and the ARMY NATIONAL Guard!

Dr. Jeffrey Magee knows performance! He started Jeff Magee International after 20 years of hands-on experience in business, and has earned almost every professional designation available in the business world today. By age 25, he was the #1 salesman in the nation for a Fortune 500 firm and the youngest certified sales instructor in the world for Dale Carnegie.

Jeff Magee has taken his frontline experience to the marketplace where he presents over 100 programs each year, all over the world. He currently designs and presents leadership and sales courses taught at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Clear Channel Entertainment, GMAC, Western CPE, El Paso Energy, the senior officer corps of the US Army National Guard and the US Junior Chamber of Commerce.


    * Started his first marketing firm while in junior high school and later sold it to a Fortune 100 company.

    * Had more than 1000 articles published before graduating high school as well as having interviewed Ronald Reagan and Dr. Seuss with articles appearing in USA


    * Youngest certified Dale Carnegie Sales Instructor in the world by age 24

    * Rated number one salesman in the nation by a Fortune 500 Firm by age 25.

    * Author of the number one selling graduate level managerial text in 2000, Yield Management

    * McGraw-Hill Internationally Published Author of the Sales Training Handbook

Awards & Acclaim

    * One of less than 20 individuals worldwide who hold both Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) and Certified Management Consultant (CMC) professional designations.

    * Guest faculty member at WEST POINT on leadership.

    * Invited to speak on business topics at more than 100 college campuses

    * Awarded the Sigma Delta Chi Award for Journalism Excellence by the Society of Professional Journalists, (the Pulitzer Prize is the only print journalism award more prestigious)

    * President of the Alumni Board of Directors for a leading Midwest University

    * President of the Oklahoma Speakers Association 3 terms

    * “Professional Speaker of the Year”- National Speakers Association, Midwest Chapter, two years in a row

Author & Creator of

    * Performance™ Magazine – National Performance Improvement Publication with columns from NY Times Best Selling Authors and other Training Experts

    * The first book on Generational Leadership – effectively Leading and Managing in environments that consist of people of different ages

    * Designer of the Army National Guard’s National Leadership Effectiveness and Sales Recruiter Programs – “the most results oriented program they have ever had”

    * Designed the core coaching and team building training curriculums for Career Track Seminars, SkillPath Seminar and Fred Pryor Seminars.

    * 20 books on Sales and Leadership-Management Effectiveness

    * Five performance-oriented audio series and two videos sold internationally

    * Founded a leading E-based training company


The Leadership Alternative

Because there is no single managerial-leadership style that works in every situation, you will learn how to utilize alternative styles with each interaction to achieve maximum results and stimulate maximum performance in everyone around you.

Building a Legendary Leader

The impact you have on individuals and organizations after you leave is your legacy.  Legendary leadership traits ensure that your legacy will be positive, productive, and profitable by leading strategically and using effective succession planning models.

Coaching for Impact

Learn how to engage the Five Core Generational Segmentations (age groups) in today's workplace via a 5-Factor Coaching Dialogue.  In addition, identify which of the 6-Leadership-Coaching styles lead to an improved performance level in any situation.

Beyond WOW

The Service-Leadership Approach to exceptional customer service is an explosive new behavior based skill program.  You will be exposed to a new level of customer service and ways to turn customer service into your strategic profit center!

Power Charged for Life

Wells of Greatness

Your internal "Wells of Greatness" are the epicenters from which you internally draw for motivation.  This program helps you identify your internal "Wells of Greatness" for continued personal focus and performance while avoiding time spent in the proverbial puddles that distract from the greatness within.  This program is a catalyst to improved performance in one's life.

Performance Driven Selling

This is NOT just another sales program.  It was born out of decades of real sales experience.  The ideas and techniques are so innovative that they produced an international best-selling book for McGraw-Hill, The Sales Training Handbook.  Performance-Driven Selling and The Sales Training Handbook are the resources behind this high energy, performance-driven and entertaining look into selling skill development.

Conflict Resolution

"Resolving Conflicts & Confrontations for Positive Resolution©" is the fundamental aim of this explosive course from which others are benchmarked.  In fact, a version of Magee's course, originally brought to the market by CareerTrack Seminars, has been experienced by tens of thousands of professionals!

Strategic Planning in a Short Term World

This program has never been more important.  The days of designing a long-term approach to business and organizational development are long gone.


No videos yet.

Speech Topics

Performance Execution: Fundamentals of Managerial-Leadership Effectiveness

In this powerful program with Jeffrey Magee, participants will be shown how to directly influence the “Ownership Model” to get individuals and groups to assume significantly greater levels of ownership within specific areas of responsibility and the organization over-all. Participants will gain a clear understanding on the six strategic and tactical aspects of what it "really" takes to be considered one of the best businesses in the industry and how easily it can all implode.


Engage others and attain a higher level of VICTORY for everyone Increase MOTIVATION within everyone on the team Leverage contagious levels of PASSION from others Assume ownership of activities and gain a sense of need from all


Dr. Magee’s presentation includes an in-depth pre-event conference call, hands on customer service, a multi-page workbook, and ready-to-use tools for immediate take-home application.

Performance Driven & Value Added Selling

This unique program is unlike anything available in the HR Professional Selling Development industry. This high-impact, interactive, session with Jeffrey Magee will provide step-by-step, action-oriented tools to significantly increase selling effectiveness. Participants will take a way action plans and immediate implementation tools to find, grow, engage, get, maintain and keep customers. Find out what the day in the life of a champion sale professional or recruiter should look like!


Utilize the strategic and tactical skill sets of effective and evolving interpersonal selling. Recognize the psychology of a purchase Apply the selling IQ and EQ skill set to the process and use in the marketplace you operate within.


Your company culture, values, will be the GPS for this unique experience. Dr. Magee’s presentation includes an in-depth pre-event conference call, hands on customer service, a multi-page workbook, and ready-to use tools for immediate take-home application.

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