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CEO & Chief Happiness Officer at Delivering Happiness

Jenn Lim is the founder and bestselling author of "Beyond Happiness," and the CEO of Delivering Happiness [DH], a company she and Tony Hsieh [the late CEO of] cofounded to create happier company cultures for a more profitable and sustainable approach to business.

"Delivering Happiness" started as a book (New York Times and WSJ Bestseller, which sold one million copies worldwide) and evolved into a business consultancy and global movement that has impacted and inspired hundreds of companies and organizations worldwide. In her new bestselling book, "Beyond Happiness: How Authentic Leaders Prioritize Purpose and People for Growth and Impact," Lim draws on her decades of experience in culture and strategy to translate it into a practical “how to” framework for more sustainable workplaces and modern organizational design. She guides all of us—no matter our title or role—how to live more meaningful lives through the work we do every day.

Lim’s mission is both simple and profound: to teach businesses how to create workplaces—led with happiness and humanity—that generate more profit, sustain all people at every level of the organization, and share how we can make a greater impact by being true to our authentic selves.

In 2017, Lim was selected to be on the Global Happiness Council of Work and Wellbeing and in 2020, Delivering Happiness [DH] was placed on the Inc. 5000 list, becoming one of the fastest-growing private companies in the US. Lim helped create the world’s first series of Culture Books at and has been featured in [Fox Business, Inc., Forbes, Fortune, Entrepreneur, The World Happiness Report, The Guardian, Fast Company, Thrive Global, MSN, CNBC Make It, Success Magazine, New York Post, Next Big Idea Club, SiriusXM Business Radio, and more].

You can find Lim speaking at events [such as PayPal, Zoom, Facebook, Franklin Templeton, Lockheed Martin, Indeed, McDonald’s, World Government Summit, SHRM] around the globe [and in Zoomland], on podcasts such as Bloomberg Radio, The Atlantic, Newsweek, The (Jim) Kwik Brain, Guy Kawasaki’s Remarkable People, The Goal Digger, Hacking Your Leadership, Happen to Your Career, and The Dave Ramsey Show, working with organizations from Starbucks to Sallie Mae to create positive change in the world, or starting spontaneous dance parties with her friends and family.

Lim lives in the Oakland Hills, CA.

Speech Topics


At every defining moment in the consumer life cycle, there are opportunities to create a strong positive (or negative) brand experience, and those moments start with the employee. When we create a triple win—people are supported as individuals, teams/customers are supported, and businesses are more successful.

In this session, Jenn shares how as leaders, we can adapt to change, be profitable and purposeful, support all people and our stakeholders (spoiler alert…it starts with your greenhouse first). When we nurture our greenhouse, we can then nurture others and create a ripple effect that positively impacts our whole ecosystem of people.

Starting with the employee means embracing with purpose and values the entire life cycle of humans, not just the time they spend on the clock. She’ll share real-world examples of organizations applying these greenhouse elements which led to happier customers, more brand loyalty, and more profitable, impactful businesses.

The bottom line is when values, purpose, and behaviors align a positive ripple of impact flows from the individual to team and company to customers, partners, vendors, and even the society and planet.


Since the world hit reset in 2020, people have been asking:

  • What are the things most important to me?
  • Am I living an authentic life that’s true to myself and not what others expect of me?
  • How do I know if I’m spending the minutes of my day meaningfully?

Whether you lead a company, teams, or your own work/life, it’s time to get to the core of who you are, live the purposeful life you want, and ripple your impact to people in your business and beyond.

In this session, Jenn shares why it’s time to redefine happiness, the role that life’s highs and lows play, and how we’re more resilient when we live with happiness and humanity. She’ll define what it means to take care of your greenhouse as you grow others, and explain the new concept of the double ROI — return on investment and ripple of impact.

When we apply the learnings from Beyond Happiness, we wake up knowing, regardless of what bad news might be in the headlines that day, that we’re grounded in our internal worlds. That we’re putting our time and talents to the best use, in service of ourselves and everyone we touch in our ecosystems.


It's no secret that core values are essential to culture and success. The majority of companies have defined their values. But, do those values still ring true and represent the company you are today? And, do your employees align and live these values daily? What purpose is driving your team's success?

In this session, Jenn will share the significant impact teams experience when individuals define their personal values and ladder those up to the organizational values. She'll share her values journey from life BC (Before Covid) to life AC (After Covid) and how those values may have changed. When we know our values, we realize how our decisions impact our lives and the organization as a whole for better or worse.

How can we simultaneously answer:

  • What are the ways we can imbed and live purpose + values so they’re not meaningless words on the wall?
  • What’s in it for ME?
  • What’s in it for ALL? (teams, customers, and our ecosystem)


When we show up authentically at work, we can bring our whole selves, which benefits everyone on the team. When leaders encourage others to bring their whole selves and unique perspectives to each situation, solutions are created, innovation happens, and diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging flow naturally.

Jenn will inspire you and your team to show up authentically and embrace the highs and lows in work/life. Leaders who create a genuine, inclusive work environment know it’s not just the “right thing to do,” they know it’s also creating more profits and purpose in the world. When we get real with ourselves THAT'S when happiness and humanity come alive.

How can we:

  • Create systemic environments where we all meaningfully connect and feel a sense of belonging?
  • Cultivate people ecosystems that bring happiness, embrace wholeness, and nurture new ways to feel more human at work?
  • Stop focusing on doing things right for efficiency and focus on doing the right things for people?


Employees are self-selecting and “speaking with their feet” for more than just a paycheck. While the way we work keeps shifting between in-person, remote, and hybrid, employees are jumping ship for their own reasons. As leaders, we need to understand the root causes and why it’s not just about more pay or a big benefit package anymore.

In this session, Jenn will uncover what's needed inside every culture to attract and retain top talent. She'll also share real-life case studies of organizations successfully building cultures that keep employees coming back, showing up fully, and performing their best.

How can we:

  • Evolve transactional relationships into meaningful ones by creating triple wins (benefitting yourself, your teams, and the community at large at the same time)?
  • Create organizations that treat people as assets, not expenses?
  • Strategize for long-term (not just short-term) gain?


We're working and living in the new ab(norm). The world has changed, and the "future of work" arrived sooner than anyone expected. With change happening all around us, it's more important than ever to bring your team engaged, aligned, and (beyond) happy.

In this session, Jenn will share the greenhouse elements every workplace needs to fully adapt and thrive first as individuals and then as a team. Gain the framework necessary for your team to stay connected, communicate effectively, and feel purposeful in the work they do every day while enhancing the customer experience and employee engagement.

Defining questions of our time:

  • How might we find meaning and create positive impact in our work and communities — regardless of the challenges the world throws our way?
  • How might individuals make a bigger impact towards business growth and success?
  • How might companies modernize org design so we can each do our best work because we love it?

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As the pandemic descended awe entered an era of super VUCA with exponential change all around, and dramatic changes in the way we work, as 50% of the population suddenly found themselves essentially self managed; working from home, in charge of their energy, focus and schedule with heightened personal responsibility, while more disconnected from their team, and less availability of support and resources. How do we manage our time, physical and emotional health, productivity, and yes, even happiness, amidst these massive changes? How do we overcome challenges of eroding constructs of work, such as life separation, the 9-5 workday, and command and control management? Backed by science and filled with examples of organizations and individuals adapting and thriving..., this talk brings to the forefront the new emotional needs to thrive in our worklife, and offers inspiring stories and concepts to respond and adapt to these changes, becoming better self managers, and on the organizational level, opening to a culture that responds to these challenges and is not held back trying to preserve elements of culture and work that are no longer relevant.


Inspired by human resilience, possibility and past events humans have survived and found ways to thrive through, this talk offers stories, science, inspiration and hope of finding true happiness though the most challenging times. At a time when our country is confronting overlapping crises of coronavirus, financial fallout and racial injustice - how do we cope, rise, and find our authentic path through the changes? How do we and each make a difference where it matters for us most? Come away understanding the dynamic, unchanging sources of your happiness, and practical strategies to sustain well-being, connection and meaning.

Delivering Happiness Keynote

Experience the story of Delivering Happiness painted with colorful life lessons from your speaker. Your Speaker will share the philosophy that Tony Hsieh applied to build Zappos into a $1Billion a year example of culture as a brand. They’ll weave in the science of happiness to understand how happiness as a business model works, zooming in on the personal element to empower every individual to choose happiness. Your speaker will share the simple model that can be applied to YOUR organization to create change right away, illustrating key themes with inspiring examples and takeaways at every turn. Leave understanding how prioritizing happiness at work and in life can change the world more than we ever thought possible, one person and one company at a time. And how it is all in our control.

  • How happiness as a business model = profits, passion and purpose
  • Why happiness leads to success on the personal (ME) and organizational (WE) level
  • Why sustainable happiness and culture change must start with ME, the individual
  • The OTHER ROI, Ripples of Impact: from the personal level of ME to WE to COMMUNITY
  • How to build a grassroots movement of happiness with your family/teams
  • Culture is Everyone’s Business – the significance of co-ownership and how it drives success
  • How key frameworks from the science of happiness can build personal & organizational happiness
  • How the Happiness Frameworks of Connectedness, Progress, Control, Values and Purpose can be linked to metrics, and why this is important in building a culture movement
  • The role of higher purpose in our personal lives and how to live our purpose through our work
  • Higher Purpose as a north star in decision-making and strategy for business growth
  • PECs – the secret that drives Zappos WOW service and exceptional repeat business
  • Stories and examples of cultures coming back from the brink, and scaling to new heights

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