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Jenni Chang and Lisa Dazols      

Documentary Filmmakers; LGBT Activists; Best Known for "Out & Around"

When Jennifer Chang and Lisa Dazols first fell in love, they vowed to follow a life of adventure. The couple had no idea that their promise would lead them to leave their 9-5 jobs, pick up a video camera, and travel through Asia, Africa and South America for one year.

Without any film experience, they went in search of the people who are leading the movement for gay, lesbian and transgender equality. While interviewing LGBT leaders across the developing world they realized that their journey could have larger impact than just self-growth.

Their documentary, Out & Around, captures the momentous changes occurring in the status of queer people around the world today. A film in partnership with the It Gets Better Project, the joint mission is to share stories of hope around the world. Out & Around has been featured in film festivals around the world. It is also being broadcast on LOGO television this fall.

Jenni and Lisa were named of the TOP 25 Most Significant Queer Women of 2012 by Velvetpark Media. Jenni was named a “Hero of the 500s” by Fortune Magazine. They have contributed to the Huffington Post Gay Voices. Their journey has been covered by TED, Curve Magazine, and the BBC.

Happily legally married and back at home in San Francisco, Lisa is a licensed clinical social worker working in HIV care at UCSF. Jenni is a director for eBay Inc. in geographic expansion.

Speech Topics

Equality is Not a Western Invention.

Speech around global LGBT movement. Appropriate for Pride Events

Come out, Come Out Wherever You Are

Speech around increased visibility of LGBT people around the world. Topic appropriate for National Coming Out Day, National Day of Silence.

Ordinary People Can Do Extraordinary Things

Speech about how everyday people can make a difference in LGBT movement. Inspirational to do your small part in a greater movement.

Taking a Sabbatical

Speech geared towards how to take a break from your 9-5 to follow your passion. Discussing how to take a break from your career to follow your dreams.


'Out & Around' Blog And Documentary Explores LGBT Life Around The World (VIDEO)

Even though California is still fighting its battles, the LGBT community has long found an ally in San Francisco. But in an effort to better understand the community's struggles at large, one local lesbian couple took a trip outside the bubble.

Jennifer Chang

Coming out as gay in her mid-twenties “rocked my world,” says Jennifer Chang, a first-generation Asian-American who grew up in a conservative household in Chicago. But while working at eBay, she found role models among her gay colleagues who showed her that “you could be successful; you could have a family,” she says.

Velvetpark's Official Top 25 Significant Queer Women of 2012
This is what LGBT life is like around the world

As a gay couple in San Francisco, Jenni Chang and Lisa Dazols had a relatively easy time living the way they wanted. But outside the bubble of the Bay Area, what was life like for people still lacking basic rights? They set off on a world tour in search of "Supergays," LGBT people who were doing something extraordinary in the world. In 15 countries across Africa, Asia and South America — from India, recently home to the world's first openly gay prince, to Argentina, the first country in Latin America to grant marriage equality — they found the inspiring stories and the courageous, resilient and proud Supergays they had been looking for.

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