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Jennifer 8. Lee        

New York Times Reporter on Culture and City Life; Author of "The Fortune Cookie Chronicles"

Jennifer 8. Lee is a reporter for the New York Times, starting with the paper as a tech writer for the Circuits section. She's now a metropolitan reporter for the paper, turning in sparkling and intricately reported stories of city life. NPR called her a "conceptual scoop" artist -- finding and getting details on new lifestyle trends that we all want to talk about.

Her fascination with American Chinese food led her to research and write The Fortune Cookie Chronicles, in which she solves some of the enduring mysteries around this indigenous cuisine, including such questions as: "Who is General Tso and why are we eating his chicken?" and "Why do Jews eat Chinese food on Christmas?"


Meet the People Who Are Fighting for Even More Emoji Diversity

Emojination is the brainchild of Jennifer 8. Lee, a former New York Times journalist and co-founder of Plympton, a digital publishing company, and Yiying Lu, a designer who created the Twitter Fail Whale. Broadly, Emojination wants to increase representation within Unicode, the umbrella organization that votes on which emojis make it into our keyboards.

One Woman’s Bizarre, Delightful Quest To Change Emojis Forever

Imagine, for a moment, getting the chance to help build a new language. A language that’s used by millions of people around the world. A pictorial language with the power to transcend all other languages. If the opportunity presented itself, you’d take that shot, right? Jennifer 8. Lee would. And did.

Four Reasons to Catch Jennifer 8. Lee at the Women’s Lit Fest

She’s a thirty-something Harvard grad and a New York Times reporter with a serious food obsession, a wicked sense of humor, a love of good parties, and a new book out on the history of Chinese food in America. What’s not to like? When Jennifer 8. Lee swings by the Women’s Literary Festival at the DoubleTree Resort (633 E. Cabrillo Blvd.) this Saturday, March 28, she’ll be dishing up a deliciously funny narrative on everything from chop suey to chow mein to turkey dumplings.

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