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Top Innovation Speaker and New York Times Bestselling Author

One of the world's top innovation keynote speakers, Jeremy Gutsche is a New York Times Bestselling, award-winning author of two bestselling innovation books, "one of the most sought-after keynote speakers on the planet," and the CEO of Trend Hunter, the #1 largest, most popular trend and innovation website. His innovation keynote videos have been viewed by more than 10,000,000 people.

Jeremy's site, Trend Hunter, has attracted ~3 billion total views from 140,000,000 people. Before Trend Hunter, Jeremy grew a $1 billion portfolio for a bank, and today, over 500 brands, billionaires and CEOs rely on his innovation expertise and management consulting, including Victoria Secret, Coca-Cola, Sony, IBM, NBC, Wells Fargo and Hughes Aerospace.

Routinely sourced by the media, Jeremy's broad appeal ranges from The Economist and CNN to Entertainment Tonight and The New York Times. He has been described as "a new breed of trend spotter" by The Guardian, "an eagle eye" by Global TV, an "Oracle" by the Globe and Mail, an "intellectual can of Red Bull" by Association Week, "the rockstar of keynote speakers" by Meetings Professional International and "on the forefront of cool" by MTV.

Before his dot-com success and work as an innovation keynote speaker, Jeremy studied innovation at Stanford, completed an MBA from Queen's University, became a Chartered Financial Analyst, and graduated as a Chancellor Scholar from The University of Calgary, where he was later awarded Graduate of the Decade. He was one of Capital One's youngest Business Directors and innovation leads. Prior to Capital One, Jeremy spent several years as a Management Consultant at the Monitor Group.

Speech Topics

Exploiting Chaos: 150 Ways to Spark Innovation During Times of Change

Times of change and uncertainty can spark the greatest opportunities for innovation. Many multi-billion dollar corporations like Hewlett-Packard, Disney, and Microsoft were started during periods of economic recession. Jeremy Gutsche, North America's most sought after authority on trend hunting, shows you how to gain an edge in business by harnessing the creativity that will help your company survive and flourish in any economic climate. With a respected understanding of exploiting what's cool and predicting future trends, Gutsche shows how to create a culture of innovation in your company, maximize the exposure of your marketing message, and think big while acting small. A fascinating and valuable talk, Gutsche details how to stimulate creativity and unlock the powerful strategies of trend-hunting to help your business thrive in these uncertain times.

Unlocking Cool: Reinventing to Create a Cultural Connection

In this talk -- one of the world's 'most favorited' presentations at -- Gutsche delivers a beginning-to-end exploration of the innovation process, reinvented. Visually engaging, and packed with examples, it's a cutting-edge toolkit for leveraging viral trends and methodical innovation frameworks to generate breakthrough ideas. He talks about Creating a Culture of Innovation, Power Innovation, and his famous Trend Report.

Infectious Communication and Marketing 2.0

In this keynote, Gutsche uses viral videos and powerful online marketing examples, moves beyond the buzzwords (Facebook, social marketing) and reveals the core elements that make viral messages so infectious. Rule #1: "Relentlessly obsess about your story."

Creating a Culture of Innovation and Customer Obsession

In a world of increased competition, intensified customer demands, and shifting employee demographics, a culture of innovation is more important than ever. Gutsche's Culture of Innovation framework shows you groundbreaking ideas related to perspective, customer obsession, tolerance for failure and creativity. He provides practical ideas that inspire companies to make their cultures revolutionary.

The Trend Report: Clusters of Innovation

Leveraging the world's largest database of micro-trends, Gutsche filters through the most viral innovations in the world, creating 'Clusters of Inspiration' Companies, including Microsoft, Yahoo and eBay, have bought and used this research. In this talk, Gutsche walks you through clusters of inspiration and teaches you how to create their own.

Better and Faster: The Proven Path to Unstoppable Innovation

In his much anticipated new topic, Jeremy will make you Better & Faster by teaching you a proven path to unstoppable ideas; tactics he's developed by studying 250,000 ideas with his 100,000,000 person audience, and frameworks he's battle-tested while helping to solve some of the world's toughest innovation problems with his 300 brand, billionaire and CEO clients, ranging from Victoria’s Secret, Coca-Cola and Sony to IBM, Walmart, Wells Fargo and Hughes Aerospace.

He will make you BETTER because he will teach you the how to overcome the psychological traps that consistently block successful people from realizing their potential. Connecting 10,000 years of evolution to our ability to adapt to rapid change, he will show you why smart people miss great ideas and what to do about it.

He will make you FASTER by teaching you six patterns of opportunity; the proven paths to unstoppable ideas.


6 Keys to Innovation and Opportunity

Marketers need to think differently--not jump on the industry bandwagon--to succeed in today's highly disrupted business world....

Why business leaders should be like hunters, not farmers

Jeremy Gutsche wants to see business leaders think like hunters, not like farmers....

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