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Jerry Fletcher  

Jerry is the CEO of Z-axis Marketing, Inc.

Jerry is the CEO of Z-axis Marketing, Inc. founded in 1990. He speaks professionally as the Networking Ninja based on his specializaton in business development and new product introductions.

Tis 18 year professional member of NSA is perhaps best known recently for his keynote "Who do you Trust" which he has delivered both in the USA and Internationally. His website provides video and audio examples of his skills on and off the platform.

Jerry continues ot work as a marketing consultant to management. He strategizes and implements traditional and Internet marketing for:


Professional practices

Small to mid-sized businesses

His Trust-Based Marketing approach builds businesses, careers and lives of joy.

Jerry is an expert at business development who has:

Raised over $500,000 in funding for a start up in just 17 days

Increased the first quarter sales of a consulting firm by over $1.2 Million with a single suggestion

Increased a power software company's sales by 400% in 18 months

Plotted the introduction of financial and estate planning software that industry gurus called "The Future."

Stopped counting successful new product introductions he has helped with at 207.

He was a "rain maker" who brought over $10 million in new billings to the Portland ad agecuy were he became CEO. After a succesful employee buyout he opened his solo strategic marketing consultancy.

He has been asked to bring his proven processes in Positioning, Naming and Branding to all sizes of companies from high-tech garage-based start-ups such as Digimarc to international Fortune 500 companies like ADC Kentrox.

When asked about his education he usually remarks, "The University of Cincinnati, Harvard and the College of hard knocks with an advanced degeee in if-it-doesn't-work-you-don't-get-paid."

Jerry is an advertising, PR and DM pro who won his spurs at J. Walter Thompson, New York, Campbell Mithun, Minneapolis and Young & Roehr, Portland where he was CEO.

He has worked with companies in the business to business, business to consumer and consumer retail arenas on products ranging from multi-million dollar machines to breakfast cereal.

Today, he's a net marketing expert as well with an in-depth understanding of what works and what doesn't to build business on the internet.

His Portland friends say his office is "at the end of the sidewalk." His spacious quarters are in Wilsonville, about 30 minutes south of Portland. The french doors overlook the garden and the deck that in the summer becomes "Conference Room 2."


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Speech Topics

The Trust Equation

The Trust Equation is forty years of business development experience distilled into a single equation for success.

This strategic marketing formula has been applied successfully for public sector operations, established consultants, business start-ups, to reposition organizations of all types, in high-tech launches, software developer sales as well as new product and service introductions.

On line and off line, in government, business and personal affairs Trust can light the way to success.

Jerry tailors his talk to your meeting theme and motivates attendees while providing laughs and candid insights into the power of traditional approaches plus the internet to build confidence in new ways.

From strangers to connections to clients, trust is the binding force.

A String of Pearls

His Singular Endnote is "The perfect Way to End a Conference."

The grand finale to your meeting should be a celebration of objectives achieved, knowledge gained, and new friends well met. Jerry tailors this closing keynote to your theme, adds positive and humorous observations from participating in your conference, tosses in some networking tips and motivates with signature stories.

If you like, he will add photos to make it truly memorable. Your meeting is captured in candid pictures and firsthand involvement with the attendees woven into the inspiring endnote named for his signature story A String of Pearls.

Jerrry gives your audience both the motivation and the methods to take it to the next level...and to come back next year.

30 Second Marketing

I can make networking for you as easy as saying “hello.”

You know how most people are uncomfortable tooting their own horn?

Well, what I do is show them how to stop hovering in elevators, doing commercials and instead have a conversation.

That is what thirty second marketing is all about—getting you access to networks that can help you build your business.

Jerry reveals one of the Trade Secrets of a Networking Ninja that let's you:

Hook 'em, Hold em, Pitch 'em and Close 'em.

Come share his experience and learn this proven business skill every entrepreneur needs. Understand this fast natural path to success on and off-line.

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