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Retired Pro Wrestler, Screen Actor & Author; 38th Governor of Minnesota (1999-2003)

Jesse Ventura, original name James George Janos, (born July 15, 1951, Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.), American professional wrestler, actor, and politician, who served as governor of Minnesota (1999–2003).

Ventura joined the U.S. Navy after high school, becoming a SEAL (sea, air, land) commando and serving in the Vietnam War before returning to Minnesota in 1973. He attended North Hennepin Community College in Brooklyn Park. Following a stint as a bouncer at a local nightclub, he changed his last name to Ventura and embarked on an 11-year career as a bad-boy pro wrestler, strutting in feather boas and leopard-skinned leotards; he adopted the stage name Jesse “The Body” Ventura. Upon leaving wrestling, he took up acting and starred in several films, including the 1987 thriller Predator, in which he portrayed a gun-wielding mauler who deadpans, “I ain’t got time to bleed”—a line he reclaimed for the title of his 1999 autobiography. His first foray into politics was as mayor of Brooklyn Park (1991–95). In the late 1990s he worked as a radio shock jock.

In 1998 Ventura ran for governor of Minnesota as the Reform Party candidate. Support for his campaign quickly grew, in part owing to his offbeat television ads (in one a Jesse Ventura action figure battled another figure named Evil Special Interest Man) and his perceived honesty. Ventura redubbed himself “The Mind” and reached out via the Internet to young voters and those disaffected by the two-party system. His surprise victory made him the first Reform Party candidate in the country to win statewide office. As governor, he made good on a pledge to support tax rebates and, rather than doling out government posts as rewards, staffed his cabinet with qualified persons across the political spectrum. Buoyed by strong ratings, he even toyed with the idea of running for president in 2000. Citing political infighting and poor leadership, Ventura left the Reform Party in 2000 and subsequently joined the Independence Party. He decided not seek a second term as governor.

After leaving office, Ventura worked as a political commentator, continuing to challenge mainstream politics and offering often controversial takes on current events. He advanced his various ideas as host of such television shows as Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura (2009–12) and The World According to Jesse (2017– ); the latter aired on Russian state TV. He also published several books, including Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me! (2008) and American Conspiracies: Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies That the Government Tells Us (2010), both of which were cowritten with Dick Russell. Jesse Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto: How Lies, Corruption, and Propaganda Kept Cannabis Illegal (cowritten with Jen Hobbs) was published in 2016.

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Ventura is a rousing speaker who proudly wears his heart on his sleeve. Taking aim at partisan politics, he discusses current political issues, ranging from grassroots political organization to the importance of third-party movements to American government.


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