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Jessica Groopman        

Industry Analyst & Founding Partner at Kaleido Insights

Jessica Groopman has spent her career researching how emerging technologies impact humans, business, and broader ecosystems. For more than 15 years, she has advised innovation leaders around the world on digital transformation, market trends, and how to unlock new value through innovation. Her current research focuses on the intersection between emerging technologies and sustainable and regenerative design. In her current role as Director of Digital Strategy & Innovation at Intentional Futures, Groopman works with organizations to develop long-term innovation strategies that align economic, societal, and environmental benefit.

Prior to IF, she founded and ran research firm, Kaleido Insights, and has been principal analyst with Tractica, Harbor Research, and Altimeter Group where she led research practices in artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain, automation, robotics, mixed reality, data privacy, and more. Past clients range from large brands including Google, Microsoft, Cisco, AARP, Technicolor, Intel, Pandora, to an array of think tanks, media companies, and several start-ups she advises.

Groopman is a regular keynote speaker and panelist at emerging technology industry events. She is also a frequent contributor to numerous media outlets. She has also served as contributing member of the CalState CX Advisory Board, International IoT Council, the IEEE’s Internet of Things Group, and FC Business Intelligence’s IoT Nexus Advisory Board. Groopman was also included in Onalytica’s list of the 100 Most Influential Thought Leaders in IoT. When she’s not ideating about the future, Groopman can be found on a hike, playing drums, cooking, and spending time with her partner in the Bay Area.

Speech Topics

Beyond Sustainability Towards Regeneration: Adopting Nature’s Approach to Business & Technology Innovation

2020 marked an inflection point for business: no longer can environmental and social crises be ignored. Yet the surge in ESG and sustainability investments focus more on problems than opportunities. Leading organizations realize it’s not about doing less harm, but doing more good. The next generation of organizations and technologies are regenerative, designed to wield the power and scale of business technologies in service to people and planet, aligning profit models that give back and contribute value to their ecosystems rather than constantly extracting from it. Emerging technologies are the catalyst to accelerate and scale these models, far beyond "net zero".

Based on original research, this speech offers the “net positive” framework for digital transformation and is sure to inspire new ways of thinking:

  • Nature’s approach to innovation: regeneration

  • Why now? Why not “sustainability?” Top forces driving regenerative business

  • What does regenerative business look like? Real-world case examples, impacts across stakeholders

  • How are big companies becoming regenerative? A framework for regenerative value creation

The Silent Disruptors: Three Trends Radically Re-Shaping Your Business

Compounding technological, societal, and economic forces are colliding, but what do they mean for your customers, business, and ecosystem? –Much more than meets the eye! Companies cannot afford to remain reactive, but must proactively examine how they must shift to survive. Join anthropology-trained technology expert Jessica Groopman from Kaleido Insights as she guides audiences to see beyond the tech, for the silent but radical disruptions impacting people, culture, and business models.

This speech has helped executives and teams around the world navigate the noise, supercharge ideation, and identify the real opportunities for innovation. Areas of exploration may include:

  • Web3, blockchain and the future of trust, a new business currency

  • AI and the future of human augmentation

  • Ambient IoT sensing, metaverse, and the future of interface

  • Biotech, genomics, and the future of design

  • Distributed energy, renewables, and the future of power

Five Things No One is Telling You About Artificial Intelligence

Much ado about artificial intelligence and its commercial adoption. But amidst all the hype lie several unsung truths overlooked in most discussions of AI. Upon researching over 400 AI applications across 20+ industries, industry analyst Jessica Groopman has distilled these key findings into five easily digestible considerations for business strategists and innovation leaders.

This talk promises to inspire teams with five new ways of understanding and applying AI.

  • AI demystified: 5 shockingly overlooked AI realities

  • AI & people: trust, ethics, governance, intelligence, inclusion

  • AI readiness: research-backed recommendations for responsible use and business success

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