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Jessica Huie, MBE          

Entrepreneur & Best-Selling Author

Jessica Huie MBE is an entrepreneur and the author of best-seller "Purpose" published by Hay House, Find your truth and embrace your calling. Huie enjoyed a glittering career as a journalist and publicist and has worked with some of the world’s biggest stars and business people, including Samuel L. Jackson, Simon Cowell, Kelly Rowland & Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. Huie founded and ran influential boutique agency for ten years supporting small business owners, coaches, creatives and consultants in raising their profile authentically.

Speech Topics

Don’t sell…Show up – Authentic power versus marketing

When your work has purpose at its core you don’t need to sell – You just need to show up. It’s time to park contrived marketing strategies with predetermined outcomes and shift from selling to service. When we focus on how we can better serve our audience there is a distinctly different essence to our output. The result? A powerful opportunity to go beyond words and create connections with your audience which convert. In an age where purpose has the power to engage, to inspire to transform. Purpose doesn’t need to mislead with marketing or convince with campaigns. Purpose goes beyond intellect and speaks straight into the heart, and from that space you don’t win customers…you create ambassadors

Redefining Success!

It’s time to challenge our very definition of success, and starting as individuals and organisations, to shape a new definition with purpose at its core. A definition that holds a social consciousness – the wellbeing of all, at its heart. A success that measures impact not just in profit, but in the impact of its purpose, its ability to improve lives, create opportunities and fulfilment, inspire change and drive progressive conversation.

Leading without a mask – Authentic leadership of the future

It’s time for leadership which is courageous enough to be vulnerable. Leadership confident enough to loosen its grip on hierarchy and create brave spaces, where everyone feels safe enough to be heard and able to share what is meaningful to them. It’s time for doing versus saying, and the creation of a vision which is magnetic enough to break through cynicism.

Why Storytelling is the key to driving inclusion through connection – and how to tell your own story

Our experiences and social conditioning determine the narratives we hold about ourselves and our lives, and in an era where so many of us define our identity and our value by the title on our business card and our roles, It’s time to reconnect with who we are beneath our layers and start to dispel false ideas about our separateness and connect through sharing our stories.

The Transformative Power of Purpose

Purpose is not another thing we need to do. Purpose is a state of being. A set of intentional values hemmed to what truly matters to us as individuals or organisations, which we can connect to in order to give our lives and work new meaning. Living and working with a purpose will always benefit the whole. It’s about living and working with a desire to benefit something bigger than just ourselves and when embraced authentically… the impact is transformative.

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