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Jill Sinclair  

Master Sales Trainer, Author & Youth Advocate

Jill Sinclair is in the business of changing lives.

She is a passionate and driven executive coach, author, TEDx & keynote speaker on a mission to help others reach their full potential. She has worked with Ryan Serhant, TV Star of "Million Dollar Listing NY," and is starring in the new TV Show, "COACH" with Ed Mylett, David Meltzer and Jim Kwik, to name a few. As a huge advocate and volunteer mentor for youth, Jill held a free non-profit contest in the middle of the pandemic, with over $100,000 in prizes and had Vincenzo Guzzo, TV Star of "Dragons' Den," as a judge. With her expertise as a guest lecturer, Jill has also been enlisted to create national curriculum for youth 18-29 yrs old on career preparation and career visioning. She is committed to helping others tap into their brilliance and lead with their unique genius. Her mission is to empower others to overcome their success blockers and reach their life goals.

Speech Topics

Sales and Communication

Sales isn’t about your features and benefits, it’s about our service to others

Put aside the ‘ABC’s’ of selling and get into the mindset of service to others. In our ever-evolving online world, people are craving in person connection more than ever, and in that connection, real life humanity and care. As the saying goes, people don’t care about how much you know, (i.e. features, benefits) until they know, how much you care. When we take out the push to sell and instead consider pulling our clients into agreement for a mutually beneficial outcome, we all win.

Attendee outcomes:

  • Understanding personality styles and how to maximize connection with others
  • Utilizing the seven principles of influence for mutually beneficial results
  • Given real life scenarios that they can duplicate into their lives for success

Motivation and Mindset

Motivation is a Myth: Motivation is just like a Unicorn, really hard to find and really hard to keep. What you need to tap into instead for your success.

There are a couple schools of thought with Motivation:

  • I don’t have it, therefor I can’t move forward with my goals until I get it (procrastination, stagnation, excuses)
  • Other people are so lucky to have motivation, I'm just not wired that way so I’ll never achieve my goals (victim mentality, poor me)

The interesting thing with motivation is that it’s not available when we need it the most. We inwardly harbor resentment for those who ‘have it’ while we sit in the lounge chair of life eating bon-bons complaining. The reality is that we need to get into action, and in that action, we get momentum, then we get results, then we feel good about them and then we’re ‘motivated’ to do more. So instead of looking for that elusive creature called motivation, we need to saddle up that ‘ol workhorse called commitment.

In this session, you’ll learn how to reset your mind, develop a plan and get into action with your goals for your life

Inspiration and Empowerment

Leading with Your Genius: No more defaulting to your defaults

How many times have you met someone and said, “Hi, I’m xxx and I’m only…...” or “I’m just.....”? As humans we were taught not to brag about ourselves, not to shine a light on our accomplishments and not to share them. Enough of that. Instead, we need to take this quote to heart, “As we shine our own light, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same”. It’s time that we step out of the shadows. It’s time that we stop being selfish and hiding our light. Studies have shown that when we lead with our genius, it truly does empower others and gives them opportunity to do the same. So when we are leaders and we do the, “Aw, shucks”, we’re not doing ourselves or our teams any favors. When we lead with our genius, and understand what lights us up and share that, our light sparks another light, and then another, until we are all living in our glow. There is grace and power in that and together we can enact inspiring change in ourselves and our teams.

Resilience & Personal Growth

Resilience: From pain to purpose, finding strength through resiliency.

What do resilient people have in common with a basketball? They both keep bouncing back. They take out the unnecessary emotion, look at the challenge and stressor for what it is and then they develop a plan and get into action. Life’s challenges confront us at all levels; home, work, health and finances and our response typically comes in three ways – flight, fight or freeze. These responses of feeling threatened date back to the beginning of time, but one thing some of our modern minds haven’t adapted to is that Sabre-tooth tigers aren’t coming to eat us. Interestingly, our responses to stress haven’t changed but our stresses and challenges have.

We take a look at every day examples of how our mind and body have gotten into these habits, because that’s what they’ve become, and develop a plan to reset our brains for a different outcome. When things don’t go the way that we’ve planned, we need to learn that it’s not ‘failure’, it’s simply a different result than what we expected and carry on accordingly – pivot into resiliency.

Motivation and Inspiration into Action

Motivation and Inspiration into Action

How to flush your sh*t once and for all: Three simple steps to flush your excuses and build the life you deserve.

We all have excuses, and the universal one that is heard on echo around the world is, “I don’t have time.” Really? Do you really not have the time OR are you choosing not to make the time? There’s a big difference there. If you have time for Netflix, TV and social media, then you have time.

The next we address is mindset. Unfortunately, an exorbitant amount of people have been told by someone along the way that, they’re not good enough or they don’t deserve success and a myriad of other confidence destroying statements. In this session we recognize that we don’t own those, we need to feed our minds a different and empowering story. None of the above will work if we don’t enact the final point – developing a plan and getting into action.

Audience take-aways:

  • Recognize the excuses that come out of our mouths and replace it with a positive and honest statement
  • Change our mindset by resetting those debilitating and crushing thoughts in our heads and replace them with uplifting aspects and traits that we have
  • Develop a plan and get into action

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