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Jim Belasco  

Business Leadership Strategist, Best-Selling Author, Dynamic Speaker

Jim Belasco commonly addresses the biggest challenges facing organizations today: creating a future, changing a culture and developing leaders for the new high tech world.

Belasco's many illuminating examples drawn from his eminent career as a consultant and business leader, combined with a lively and energetic delivery, serve as a road map to help participants recreate their own soaring success.

His best selling books include "Seize Tomorrow, Start Today," "Soaring With The Phoenix: Renew your Vision," "Reviving The Spirit," "Recreating The Success of Your Organization," "Flight of the Buffalo: Soaring to Excellence," "Learning to Let Employees Lead" and "Teaching the Elephant to Dance: Empowering Change in Your Organization" have shaped the minds of leaders in both old and new economy organizations. His books have been hailed as "invaluable handbooks for these white-knuckled days".

Dr. Belasco founded and led a global software and service firm to a 100 percent compounded average, annual ten-year growth rate and 30 percent net-after-tax margins. He also grew a specialty chemical business's revenue seventeen times in seven years with the highest margins and market share in the niche. He is launching two new startups, partnering with the Financial Times and several leading high tech companies.

Professor of Management at San Diego State University, Dr. Belasco brings discipline, rigor and the breadth of years of research to any management situation. He was chosen "Outstanding Professor" five times and was previously on the faculty of SUNY/Buffalo and Cornell Universities. He currently conducting research in "Global Leadership for the 21st Century" funded by the European Economic Community.

Dr. Belasco guides executives in creating innovative strategies, develops leaders at every level and enrolls everyone in implementing culture and organizational changes. He uses a unique management process to help align company goals, measures, and rewards across all organizational units. He's worked with AT&T, Royal Dutch Shell, McDonnell Douglas, Frito-Lay, BMW, and Heineken Beer.


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Heart and Alignment Leaders make THE difference. Leaders transform a collection of well-meaning, good-intentioned, talented individuals into teams and organizations that consistently deliver great performance for their customers.

Every organization has lots of potential leaders - executives, team leaders, coordinators, secretaries and machinists. The challenge: encourage everyone to be a leader - to step forward and assume responsibility.

Great leaders establish both a heart connection with their people - and the alignment (discipline) to achieve tough goals. From Admiral Rickover, building the nuclear Navy, to Pat Summit, leading the Lady Vols women's basketball to consecutive National Championships, successful leaders help others win by combining both heart and alignment.

Leaders... establish heart connections with people and customers surface critical facts and issues engage the people in converting "must do's" into "will do's" align valuable resources with important goals energize learners to open doors, break though walls and let the future in

Professor Belasco will show you how successful leaders develop an ORGANIZATION OF LEADERS who develop heart connections and the alignment (discipline).

Create Your Own Future, Make A Difference, Leave A Legacy Strategy provides the road map from the present to the future. The most experienced and capable executives craft this all-important road map. Yet, many companies make wrong turns. General Motors, IBM, McDonald's, American Express, Sears, K-Mart and Disney are just a few of the many organizations that wound up going the wrong way on a one way street. Why? One CEO put his finger on it when he said, "Our strategic planning approach is like using a Piper Cub airplane to keep up with an F-18 jet. We need more horsepower. Tomorrow is coming too fast."

Professor Belasco takes you BEYOND STRATEGY and shows you how to break the current market boundaries and create your own future. He will show you how to: use a disciplined process for creating your future first then deciding the resources and capabilities you need, engage everyone in the strategy making process, creating ownership for successful implementation align/focus implementation actions, grow the organization by energizing learning.

Professor Belasco will help your people see a different road to a more competitively successful tomorrow.

It Is Easier to Create Tomorrow Than Change Today "Change an organization" -- now there is an oxymoron. "Change" is an elusive rare species, often talked about, seldom observed and rarely captured. Why? Almost all change efforts are based upon the assumption that we can change the way people perform. All of our experience - at home and in the office - show us the ludicrousness of this assumption.

Utilizing the tools outlined in the STRATEGY and LEADERSHIP sections, Professor Belasco shares with us his prescription for changing organizations by creating tomorrow first, and then engaging individuals in implementing that shared vision of the future.

Encourage individuals to renew themselves by engaging them in the realities of the market place and customer expectations. Develop vision, mission, values, strategies and goals that are aligned across organizational functions and among individuals and their organizational units. Reinvent management systems, business processes, and communications and information infrastructures that reflect and support the renewing individuals and organizations. Maintain a focus on making a difference and leaving a worthwhile legacy.

Professor Belasco will show you how to ENROLL others in the renewal-change process, rather than the more typical failure-plagued "roll-out" process.

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