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Leading Global Futurist, Trends & Innovation Expert & Authority on Rapid Business Model Changes

Jim Carroll is the world’s leading global futurist, keynote speaker, business trends, and transformation expert, recognized worldwide for his compelling motivational style, delivered on stage or via his world-class virtual broadcast studio.

In his 30-year career as a speaker, Carroll has shared his insight with over 2 million people worldwide, providing guidance to many of the world’s largest organizations, with over 1,500 keynotes and leadership presentations and sessions. Carroll is represented by the same agencies that book global icons such as Barack and Michelle Obama, George W. Bush, Ervin “Magic” Johnson, Ryan Reynolds & Tom Brady.

Carroll’s clients include NASA, Disney, the World Bank, Mercedes Benz, the PGA, Blackrock, the Wall Street Journal, Pfizer, Microsoft, Cisco, and over 1,500 more. He shares his highly customized, industry-specific insight with CEOs, senior executives, government leaders, and leadership teams on the real trends that matter, and the innovation pathways to align with new disruptive realities.

Speech Topics

Accelerating Creativity: Discovering Opportunity With an Innovation Reboot!

We will see more change in every industry in the next 10 years than we have seen in the last 100 as transformation and disruption sweeps the world.

Every company is faced with the rapid emergence of new competitors, significant new business models, more challenging consumers, the acceleration of science, and a transition to the speed of innovation that will define their future.

How do you manage this complex new world and get ahead? By turning on your innovation engine, firing your creativity thrusters, and strapping in for a rocket ride into your faster future. You need to accelerate your ability to generate radical new ideas and transformative concepts. You need innovation creativity!

In this keynote, futurist and innovation expert Jim Carroll shares the innovation and creativity insight that he has gained through three decades of a relentless focus on what turns organizations into high-velocity innovation and creativity heroes. None other than NASA has invited Jim in – twice – to share his insight on innovation strategies. Disney – a creativity superhero – invited him in for a keynote on the opportunities that come from rethinking creativity. The World Bank engaged him for a talk that linked fast-moving future trends to the need for accelerated innovation and fast thinking.

Jim’s keynote will share with you the key elements of his imaginary but powerful “Masters in Business Imagination” curriculum – a structure of 10 key leadership strategies, actions and structures that will help you envision opportunity, think differently, and act quickly.

Launch yourself into the faster future with this unique, high energy creativity focused keynote from global futurist, trends & innovation expert Jim Carroll!

ChatGPT, The Acceleration of Artificial Intelligence and the Arrival of the Personalized Knowledge Butler: Promise and Peril in The Next Technological Transformation

Here’s what you need to know – it’s pretty certain you won’t find your job being replaced by AI, but it might be replaced by someone using AI, particularly with ChatGPT and other similar LLM (Large language model) technologies!

In this fast-moving keynote, Futurist Jim Carroll takes a look at the short-term trends sweeping the world today as ChatGPT and other technologies come to change the nature of the way we search, learn, interact, and think. It’s a new era of human-knowledge augmentation through the emergence of personalized knowledge butlers; an acceleration in just-in-time knowledge through on-demand knowledge robots; the arrival of the always-available knowledge servant. The fact is, we are in the midst of the biggest knowledge revolution in the history of mankind since the arrival of the Internet – and it is occurring at a speed that is staggering. You need to cut through the hype, filter the noise, and get a clear – and up-to-the-moment – strategic overview of what is happening in real-time

You don’t need to understand how ChatGPT and other LLM (“large language model”) systems work – you need to understand the impact they will have. Making sense of what’s real and cutting through the hype to discover real opportunities within the trends is one of the most important things you can do! This is not a time to get caught up in ‘fast FOMO’ – ‘fear of missing out’ – nor is it a time to ignore the speed of what is occurring. There are significant implications to the sudden arrival of artificial intelligence and other trends, from very real business model disruption to unique legal and copyright issues, education, knowledge, and workforce skills challenges, as well as the emergence of disruptive new industry competitors and accelerated new product development and innovation opportunities. The scope of what these technologies represent is increasing because the pace of their evolution is now moving faster than fast.

What does this mean to you and what do you need to do? Jim will provide you with actionable strategies on how to stay ahead in the AI knowledge race; insight into some of the most powerful tools emerging in this new AI knowledge universe; actionable strategies to continually enhance your just-in-time knowledge skills through AI; and how you can align your skills, attitude and personal motivation factory to align with this new era of high-velocity change.

In this highly customized keynote, prepared specifically for your company, industry, or association based on up-to-the-minute research, Jim will help you understand:

  • the challenges and opportunities behind these trends within your industry and organization

  • the disruptive impact on your business and operations or upon your industry or association members

  • the strategies you should be thinking about to align with the new realities they present

  • the key strategic action plans designed to get your team moving forward, balanced with a realistic assessment of the timing of specific trends and how they will unfold.

Futurist Jim Carroll will help you cut through the noise and the hype to understand what is really happening, and the critical nature of the important trends that you must pay attention to!

The BIG Future: The Mega-Trends that Define Transformative Opportunities and Demand Bold Thinking!

The future demands that you think BIG, be bold, and pursue opportunities.

The only way to do this is to understand the “megatrends” that are defining our future, the disruptive opportunities they present, and the industry, skills, and business model opportunities they provide.

We are now seeing so much change that our new reality is this: companies that do not yet exist will build products not yet conceived, with materials not yet in existence, using methodologies not yet developed – and these will be sold to consumers who do not yet know that these new products and services will become a critical part of their life!

Are you ready to pursue a BIG future? Do you understand what comes next and what you need to do about it? Based on his BIG Trends series featured on his Web site, Jim takes you into a dramatic new future involving accelerating scientific discovery, rapid knowledge sharing, accelerated methodologies, and dramatic industry transformations.

You will come away with new strategic leadership insight that will help you see disruptive trends, focus on opportunities, unlock creativity, enhance your speed, accelerate innovation and deliver on growth opportunities!

The Future of Financial Services and the Next Generation Financial Consumer and Financial Advisor

There is no such thing as cash. The concept of float has disappeared. Everything is instant and accelerated expectations are the norm. DIsurptive ideas are everywhere – and everything financial is mobile. Those trends and much more are the focus o this fast-moving keynote by Futurist Jim Carroll. Jim’s financial services clients include T. Rowe Price, Manulife, New York Life, TD Bank, Fidelity Cayman, American Fidelity, Lincoln Financial Group, and many more.

The trends impacting the banking, financial, investment, and wealth management industry are staggering in scope. The arrival of fast, new, nimble competitors is driven by the speed of innovation and the scope of the opportunity with FinTech leading to massive business model disruption. A collapse of attention spans driven by the next generation of financial consumers and an overwhelming preponderance of short attention spans. The acceleration of the industry to the speed of Silicon Valley as technology takes over every single aspect of the industry. The return of the potential for disintermediation with a vengeance, with sudden new challenges to existing distribution and broker channels. The arrival of a new generation that does not understand the concept of ‘float’, and who expects to be able to apply for an automotive loan and receive approval in under 45 seconds – through their mobile device – and then get instant insurance coverage at the same speed of instantaneity. Not to forget the sudden and instant arrival of A.I. with tools like ChatGPT – what happens when generic financial questions can be easily and somewhat reliably answered by a bot?

Leading financial organizations need crisp insight into the trends which are redefining the sector, and the innovation pathways that will provide opportunities for growth and transformation. Worldwide, they’ve been turning to Futurist Jim Carroll for that insight – his client list boasts many of the most prestigious organizations in the world. Whether it’s an internal senior leadership meeting, financial services industry conference, broker or distribution network sales meeting, or private wealth management strategy session, Jim Carroll is known worldwide for his ability to outline the fast trends impacting the financial industry now and into the future. He recently spoke for the family offices of the world’s wealthiest families at a private, invitation-only event in Athens, Greece, with several trillions of dollars of wealth represented in the room.

Jim Carroll has been helping financial organizations in the world understand the tsunami of change that is underway. In his keynote he will put into perspective the real trends impacting the future of financial services, offering critical insight into the key innovation and leadership strategies in a time of disruptive change.

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